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IEM Beijing NA: Evil Geniuses Move to the Semi-Finals

The sixth day of IEM Beijing North America finishes with no surprises, as Evil Geniuses take down Triumph, sealing their passage to the Semi-Finals. Triumph will have to face the winner of the match-up between Team One and Rebirth for the last spot in the next stage of the tournament.

Evil Geniuses were the clear favourites moving into the series and they would be the ones to start it on the right foot, setting up a paramount defence on the CT side of Dust 2, the map pick of Triumph.

This would put them in a very advantageous five round lead by the end of the first half, with the team losing some rounds to the forces of Alan ‘Shakezullah’ Hardeman, but eventually securing a safe 16-9 victory.

EG is yet to lose a map in IEM Beijing

Evil Geniuses would take the pistol round to start their own map pick of Nuke and refuse to take the foot off the throttle, conquering a strong five round lead on the offensive side.

Triumph wouldn’t present any further resistance in the series, with the Geniuses seizing a flawless CT side to put 16-5 on the scoreboard and close the series on a clean 2-0.

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With this result, Evil Geniuses will join the teams on Group A that have already qualified for the Semi-Finals, Team Liquid and Chaos EC.

The Semi-Finals of the tournament will kick-off on Friday but the match-ups will only be revealed once we found out the last team to qualify out of the Group B. That will only be resolved on Monday, in a series that will feature Triumph.

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