IEM Beijing NA: Rugratz Eliminate the New England Whalers

The organization-less squad of Rugratz scored a massive upset at IEM Beijing North America, eliminating the New England Whalers. The side of Ben ‘ben1337’ Smith will be the first team to exit the tournament in what is the team’s first big event with Brendan ‘Bwills Williams.

Rugratz would kick off the series on their own turf of Nuke, managing to finish the half separated from the New England Whalers by one round.

After trading three rounds at the beginning of the second half, it would be Rugratz to run away with the map, conquering five rounds in a row to seal the match 16-10 and conquer an early advantage in the series.

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It was on for the Whalers to fight for their survival at the North American counterpart of IEM Beijing. Josh ‘PwnAlone’ Pigue displayed a number of AWP efforts in order to put his team in the fight, with Jeff ‘RZU’ Ngo putting in a similar output on the other side of the server.

The odds weren’t looking great for the New England Whalers to keep their streak on Overpass, as Rugratz steam-rolled over them up until they hit 14.

But it was then that the Whalers found salvation on a double AWP setup, mounting a massive comeback and stealing Overtime from Rugratz with a ninja-defuse from Ben ‘ben1337’ Smith, pushing the series all the way to a third map.

Mirage was the last stop for the Whalers at IEM Beijing

The early hours of Mirage gave us a dominating New England Whalers, slowly but surely conquering a five round lead on the offensive side. As teams switched sides, Rugratz came out relentless in their aggression and once again got to 14 before a force-buy got the New England Whalers their second round on the CT side.

This time, Rugratz wouldn’t let the match slip, getting back on track and scoring the last two rounds to finish the series 2-1 and knock the New England Whalers out of the tournament.

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