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IEM Beijing NA: Triumph Upset Liquid to Reach the Grand-Finals

The first match of the IEM Beijing North America Semi-Finals would see a major upset, as Triumph would knock-out Team Liquid, one of the major favourites to take the title, in a 2-1 series. Triumph will now wait until tomorrow see who it will meet on the Grand-Finals for a chance at the title and a spot at the IEM Global Challenge 2020, as Evil Geniuses faces Chaos.

Triumph would make a surprising start on their own map pick of Inferno, giving little to no room for the side of Team Liquid with a staggering group effort on the T side giving them an ample seven-round lead by the end of the first half.

Now, over at the offensive, the star-power of Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip would push Liquid to a 12-11, but despite his best efforts, the flame in Stewie would go out, giving space for Triumph to cruise through the rest of the map, seizing Inferno on a 16-12 and taking a crucial advantage in the series.

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Team Liquid was now on the hometurf of Dust2, giving Triumph a taste of their own medicine and smashing their defensive side with a crushing 13-2 half before they switched to the CT side.

With only three rounds separating them from the victory, Liquid slowly but surely closed out the map 16-8, taking us to the decider of Nuke.

Liquid exit IEM Beijing NA at the Semi-Finals

The third map started well for the side of Triumph, as the forces of Alan ‘Shakezullah’ Hardeman got an early 7-1 lead. But Liquid was just getting started, putting up a massive comeback to finish the half leading by one round.

But Triumph didn’t want to let this one slip, and they started the second half by grabbing five consecutive rounds. The underdogs would have to go all the way if they wanted to dethrone Liquid and secure a coveted spot on the Grand-Finals, but they put the final nail in the Team Liquid coffin, with a 16-14 final score.

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