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IEM Beijing EU: Vitality Phase Through MAD Lions, Advancing to the Later Stages of the Event

Team Vitality has sealed the last playoffs spot on Group A of IEM Beijing Europe 2020, overcoming the Danes of MAD Lions with a swift 2-0. Group B will take over for the rest of this week, defining the four teams that will join FaZe, Complexity, Natus Vincere and Team Vitality at the next stage of the tournament.

Starting on Nuke, Team Vitality would struggle to get an advantage on the defensive side even as Richard ‘shox’ Papillon delivered an impressive 21 kills, trailing by three at the end of the first half.

But, as teams switched sides, the French star would get a bigger opportunity to shine and so shox and company would disassemble the defence of MAD Lions, taking 10 unanswered rounds to close the match on a 16-9 scoreboard.

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With such a clear statement, and seeing his job was complete, shox gave his spot to the Belgium up-and-comer Nabil ‘Nivera’ Benrlitom, the sixth man for Team Vitality.

Nuke was Nivera’s second map at IEM Beijing

It was now or never for the MAD Lions if they wanted to stay alive at IEM Beijing Europe, but the team never got to orchestrate an effective offensive, as Vitality gave them no room for success. The team got two rounds in the second half but would eventually fall 16-8 as Rasmus ‘sjuush’ Beck couldn’t convert a 1v2 clutch attempt.

While this means the end of the road at this event for the MAD Lions, we will still see the Danes pretty soon, as the team is still alive at Flashpoint Season 2. Team Vitality will only come back to action next week as we kick off the playoffs stage of IEM Beijing Europe.

MAD Lions will now face Fnatic at Flashpoint, having eliminated them on IEM Beijing – Dreamhack

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