IEM New York: 100 Thieves Interrupt Liquid’s Perfect Run

At day 6 of IEM New York North America, an impressive 100 Thieves stopped a flawless Group Stage run from Team Liquid, New England Whalers denied a chance at Play-offs for Triumph, Chaos distanced themselves from the flock with a win over RBG and Team One would go the full distance to overcome Mythic.

The most interesting match-up of the day would be Team Liquid facing 100 Thieves to guarantee their lead on Group B. The Thieves would be on quite the pinch, with two matches remaining in the Group Stage and underdogs such as Team One and Mythic waiting for a mistake to pounce into play-offs.

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It wouldn’t come so easily though, as Liquid was looking for a flawless run through Group Stage with the four rounds the Thieves conquered on Nuke CT Side relying on great individual plays. As teams switched sides, the North American side became even more dominant, closing it 16-7.

The Australians would now have the map pick in their favour as they kicked off Vertigo on a bang, making up an impressive offence to end the half 10-5. Liquid seemed to have a comeback in the cards, as they switched to the attacking side, but honorary Aussie Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad had other plans and popped off as they took the series to a third map.

It finally happened. After seven maps on IEM New York, Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski would break his streak of +20 kills per map

Inferno gave place to a true clash between the two, as both sides would play hot potato with the lead. A predominant defence supervised by jkaem would take it 16-11 and secure a crucial series for the Thieves.

Triumph would need to win against the New England Whalers if they wanted to reach the later stages of the event

The Whalers would make a good entrance on Overpass, with a 16-10 declaring clear intentions to have a firm grip on the third place of Group A.

Following up would be Triumph playing on home turf, an advantage that they didn’t capitalize on, as the game quickly devolved into back-and-forth rounds, with the Whalers taking it to overtime and eventually locking play-offs and the 2-0 after two frantic overtimes.

Team One have 875 points in the Regional Major Rankings, sitting ahead of teams such as MiBR or Envy

Facing Mythic, Team One was looking for a crack at the last spot on Group B to assure a presence at the Play-offs Stage. The Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom side would power through Team One on their map pick of Overpass, as they ended the first map 16-13 before the Brazilians could mount a comeback.

On the map pick of the Brazilians, the story would be much different, as their attack steam-rolled through the North American side, keeping them alive in the series with a 16-10 finish.

At the decider map, Team One was quick to assert the pace, with ten rounds on CT and beginning their offensive on a prompt manner to close the series out on a 2-1.

Team One will face Chaos tomorrow, in the hopes of grabbing the last Play-offs spot

RBG was yet to snatch any points on day 6, and their task would be difficult, as Chaos was looking to build some distance in the standings. After some initial difficulties, Chaos would proceed to take the first map 16-8.

It wouldn’t get much better on the second map, as Chaos would dismantle the MDL up-and-comers with a 16-7 score. RBG joins ImPerium as the only two teams on zero points at the end of day 6.

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