IEM New York: 100 Thieves Shutdown Team One To Make It To The Grand-Finals

The second match-up of the IEM New York North America Semi-Finals would put 100 Thieves facing Team One. Representing the organization for the last time, it would be the Australian core to come out victorious in a 2-0 series, denying the opportunity for a Brazilian derby at the Finals.

Team One would begin the series on the offensive side of Train, their map pick. The Thieves went full throttle to grab 10 rounds on defence, but once teams switched sides, Team One started to show that the first map wouldn’t come that easy.

Stuck on 14 and with the Brazilians crawling back into the game, it would be down to a 1v2 clutch from Justin ‘jks’ Savage to force match-point. The super-star let no time go to waste, as he would over-ran the B defence in the following round to closed the map with an ace.

Taking all 5 kills on the last round, jks took the lead of the scoreboard with 25 kills and 100.0 ADR

Team One were poised to take revenge, solidifying a three round gap by the end of the first half. But it would be the Thieves to look extremely confident on their CT side, with Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad topping the scoreboard with a diversified arsenal that ranged from the P90 to the AWP.

The birthday boy, Mario ‘malbsMd’ Samayoa would break the seven round streak from the Aussies with a triple kill, carving more breathing room for the Brazilians. Team One would make full use of this, irrupting into overtime with a string of three rounds.

100 Thieves would constrict the entrance of the Brazilians into extra time with a makeshift triple AWP setup, concluding the series with a clean sweep as they edged out Team One 19-17, granting a spot in the Grand-Finals where they will face FURIA.

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The Brazilian side will face Evil Geniuses tomorrow for the third place decider, but it is crystal clear that the Brazilians will finish 2020 at the 5th place on the Regional Major Rankings.

While Valve is bound to provide more RMR events in the future, making their place at the standings subject to change, such a big gap at the end of such a troubled year is bound to make spirits high for the Brazilian roster.

Team One have eliminated rivals such as Chaos EC and the New England Whalers on their run at IEM New York

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