IEM New York: Chaos Engulfs the Thieves and Team One Scores One

Day three of IEM New York concluded with Chaos defeating an underwhelming 100 Thieves, Team One scoring their first points in the event and with favourites Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid gathering clean victories.

Looking to continue their flawless run, Team Liquid was up against Mythic. Michael ‘grim’ Wince, the latest addition to the team, would have another chance to shine as he completely denied the B bomb site of Mirage to any attacks from the Mythic side.

With 14 on the board just in the first half, Team Liquid locked the map with ease on the back of a stylish Grim 1v3 clutch.

Eric ‘adreN’ Hoag tried to make things interesting against his former team on Inferno, but EliGE decided to keep padding his stats on IEM New York, finishing the series with a 16-6. Since the start of the event, the North American has been dropping at least 20 kills per map.

Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski was the MVP on Mirage with a standout 141.9 ADR

While a win against Evil Geniuses would set up a great entrance on the event, it would be easier said than done for the New England Whalers.

Things started well; in spite of Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte’s usual star-player performance, his team wasn’t following suit. Transitioning to the T side, Brehze was unshackled and ready to drop 36 kills and carry his team to victory.

The rest of the team was certainly awake on Inferno, as Evil Geniuses came out victorious for the second time this tournament, closing the series with a one-sided affair.

100 Thieves were looking to keep up their 100% win streak on Dust 2.
After a great October for the Thieves, the momentum was great coming into IEM New York – Credit to HLTV

A face-off between 100 Thieves and Chaos was the main dish of day three. The side lead by Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina featured a stand-in on Colin ‘wrath’ McSweegan, but they dominated Nuke as a cohesive unit, while the hopes of a frenetic clash between some of the favourites on Group B would be suspended, as the side lead by Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina came on top with a cracking 16-6.

On the second map, the Australians would be put against the ropes, with the Big Green of Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai being their last line of defence. Tried as he might, it wasn’t enough, and Chaos broke their win-streak on Dust2 to take the series with a clean 2-0.

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Representing Brazil on Group B, Team One was looking to follow the example of their compatriots FURIA and finally score a win against RBG, one of the clear underdogs on their bracket.

A very tight match-up of Vertigo would ensue, with both sides always at an arms length, constantly skirmishing on the back of force-buys. The game would climax on a 3v3 retake at the A bomb-site and go the way of RBG Esports.

RBG refused to give match-point to Team One and managed to scrape four rounds to win their first map of IEM New York

The scenario was pretty much the same on Train, making an equally entertaining match, with one team stringing rounds just to pass the torch to their adversaries. An insane Scout headshot collateral from Jerric ‘wiz’ Jiang opened the second half, but it wasn’t enough for the RBG side, as the Brazilian side took the series to a third map.

After such a tantalizing series, it was disheartening to see RBG not being able to find their grip on Nuke. Even after finding both pistol rounds, the North American side got shutdown by Team One with a 16-3 score, giving the series to the Brazilians.

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