IEM New York CIS: Natus Vincere and Nemiga Make it to the Semi-Finals

The first day of play-offs at IEM New York CIS finished with clean sweeps from the likes of Natus Vincere and Nemiga. It will be now to Na’Vi to face a revitalized Virtus.Pro while the Belarus core of Nemiga will be up against an equally menacing Team Spirit.

Gambit was meeting Natus Vincere in the quarter-final, as a reward for winning against Nemiga and getting second seed on Group B. Plagued by medical issues at the beginning of the event, Na’Vi was now looking better shaped and ready to display why they are one of the top dogs at the event.

Starting the series on their map pick of Train, they were quick to assert their pace in the matchup, putting eight rounds on the offence. Though they had troubles finding a closure to the map, a Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev powered effort closed the first map 16-12.

It didn’t get better for Gambit once they transitioned to Overpass, as the other super-star of Na’Vi, Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov, single handily shut down any opposing efforts, possessing a flattering 107 ADR on the second map and closing the series 2-0 for his team.

The s1mple and electronic show was too much to handle for Gambit, cutting their run short at IEM New York CIS

Nemiga had a difficult task going up against ForZe. The Russian team has recently earned a spot at Flashpoint Season 2 and has been looking good in the server.

Overpass would be the map pick of Nemiga and they finished the half on an encouraging one round lead. As they switched over to the defensive side of the map, the distance between the two teams would grow even further, but the Belarus core would take two match-points just to slam the door on overtime with a 16-14.

But now it was ForZe’s turn at a map that they knew very well, with the Russian side having 499 more rounds of Dust 2 under their belt, than their adversaries in official matches.

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This advantage would mean nothing for Anton ‘boX’ Burko and Igor ‘lollipop21k’ Solodkov, as they looked poised to secure the series, putting Nemiga on a very favourable 10-5 by the first half.

Even though boX took the foot of the throttle once teams switched sides, the Belarus team only required lollipop21k to push through the six rounds that they needed to close it. And so Nemiga ended the second map 16-8, securing their own place at the semi-finals.

Nemiga closed it on Dust2, where they have less 499 rounds on official matches than ForZe

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