IEM New York CIS: Virtus.Pro Mop Nemiga Off The Crown

A nonchalant Grand Finals, as Virtus Pro would transverse Nemiga without much opposition, being crowned Champions of IEM New York CIS with a perfect run, undefeated on all series and having only dropped two maps, one conceded due to scheduling issues with Flashpoint Qualifiers and another against ForZe on Mirage.

Natus Vincere had decided to forfeited the Third Place Decider against Team Spirit, ending their endeavour at IEM New York CIS on the fourth place.

Despite having eliminated teams such as ForZe and Team Spirit, Nemiga were the clear underdogs, facing a Virtus.Pro that’s been showcasing some great Counter-Strike ever since Timur ‘buster’ Tulepov came back into the roster.

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We were looking into a great Best-of-Five series, as Mirage would be perfectly balanced. As we moved towards the end, it was Nemiga the first to feel the pressure, cracking just enough to give Virtus.Pro the breach they needed, closing the first map 16-12.

The dominance would continue on the second map, as the side of Mareks ‘YEKINDAR’ Gaļinskis crushed Nemiga with a 16-5.

YEKINDAR would be a major asset for VP in the first two maps, setting up a grim scenario for the Belarusian underdogs

The Belarusian side wasn’t going to go down quietly, and they popped off on the third map of Inferno, securing a commanding 12-3 half. As sides switched, Nemiga would only win the first full buy, as Virtus.Pro would set up a massive comeback on their defensive side.

No amount of tactical timeouts could break the VP code, with clutches saving the day just when all odds were in favour of Nemiga to put more rounds in the board.

On this regard, Sanjar ‘SANJI’ Kuliev went absolutely haywire, scrambling through the CT arsenal of rifles and sub-machine guns to make multiple multi-kill contributions. And with 11 rounds in a row, the comeback would be complete, with Virtus.Pro speed-running through the series on a immaculate 3-0, conquering the IEM New York CIS title.

Virtus.Pro continue their current 16 win streak, in which they secured victories at IEM New York CIS and Flashpoint 2 Closed Qualifier

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