IEM New York CIS: Virtus.Pro Remains Undefeated, Nemiga Shut Down Team Spirit

The semi-finals of IEM New York CIS ended with Virtus.Pro continuing their flawless run all the way into the finals, sweeping fan-favourites Natus Vincere and joining Nemiga Gaming in the finals after they managed to upset Team Spirit.

Starting the series on Inferno, Na’Vi were all smiles and cheers at the end of the half, on the back of their 10-5 lead, but soon the sweet would turn sour as they would put only one round in the board up against the Virtus.Pro offensive, giving them the first map 16-11.

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Mirage was up next, with Natus Vincere showing some positive signs but still missing their main super-star: Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev, as the AWP player was looking rather shaky in what is his favorite map.

It would take six match points and push it to all thirty rounds, but the side of Dzhami ‘Jame’ Ali would take the map and the series with an overwhelming 2-0.

A very quiet series from s1mple would doom Na’Vi, as he finished Mirage at the bottom of the scoreboard

Coming as the underdogs, Nemiga broke the streak for Team Spirit – Credit to @NemigaGG on Twitter

Nemiga would barge full throttle into the series, but the Belarusian side would go cold as teams switched sides, with Team Spirit having time to catch up and tie things up at 10-10. The Russian core would even get ahead before Nemiga flipped the game on its head, completely reading their opponents moves and building enough momentum to seize Inferno on a 16-12.

Nuke was feeling like it could fall either way, as teams were neck and neck. Nemiga would break the stalemate with a full eco victory to set up a four round streak. Team Spirit would reply by snatching a force-buy, but it wouldn’t be enough to stop Nemiga from sweeping the series and coming out victorious against the number one in the CIS Regional Major Rankings.

This creates two interesting storylines for the two Sunday series. In the Best-of-Five Grand-Finals, we will have Virtus.Pro and Nemiga, number three and four at the RMR standings, fighting for a Challenger spot, while the BO3 Third Place Decider between Natus Vincere and Team Spirit will decide which team gets to end 2020 in pole position.

Nemiga break the flawless IEM New York CIS run from Team Spirit, reclaiming their spot at the Grand-Final

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