IEM New York: FURIA Outlast Liquid and Team One Knocks Out the Whalers

The Quarter-Finals of IEM New York North America would give place to a true marathon of Counter-Strike and a great day for Brazilian Counter-Strike as FURIA went all the way against Liquid, triumphing after three maps and four overtimes. The second series would be shorter, as Team One would take two maps and two overtimes to overcome the Whalers.

Falling at the last match of Group Stage to the New England Whalers complicated things for FURIA. They would now come out at the last seed of Group A and start their journey in Play-offs up against Team Liquid.

Liquid hasn’t won a Best-of-Three against FURIA since June, at cs_summit 6

It was bound to be a tight match-up, and Inferno complied. Liquid was fighting fire with fire, consistently getting picks early in the round and proactively searching for more map control.

A critical round win for FURIA broke the economy of their opponents at 15-14 and tilted the odds of closing the map in their favour. But Liquid would scrap round 30 on a force-buy and take us to extra-time, managing to close out the map on the third overtime.

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In spite of that, FURIA would land on their feet as they closed the first half of Mirage with a 10-5 scoreboard. Liquid would reply and step up their defensive effort, with a quad-kill hold from Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken at 13-13 making the North-American squad ride their way to match-point.

At the last second, FURIA struck gold twice on the A site to once again have more rounds of overtime. This time, it would be the Brazilians to come out on top, as they extended the series to Vertigo.

Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic finished Inferno with 41 kills but Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles would one up him on Mirage, putting 42 on the scoreboard

And the third map wouldn’t disappoint, with it devolving once again into a close match once teams started to get double digits. Sharing a win rate of 67% on Vertigo, closing the series would depend on the luck of the draw, and it was FURIA to cash out 16-13 and lock their place at the semi-finals, where they will rematch Evil Geniuses.

Team One was looking to continue the hype train and upset another North-American roster

The second series of the day would kick off on Nuke, with no landslide wins in sight, as Team One and Whalers would keep the tension palpable throughout the map, with 30 rounds not being enough to solve the fixture, taking us, yet again, to overtime at the Quarter-Finals of IEM New York North America.

Team One would grasp the victory on OT 2, clenching it 22-19. Now it would be down to their map pick to secure the series and assure two Brazilian teams on the semi-finals.

Train would be their next stop, with Team One dismantling the New England Whalers on their CT side, giving them no chance to fight back and concluding the day on a 16-7 score. The Brazilians will continue their journey over to the Semi-Finals, where they will face 100 Thieves.

FURIA and Team One showcased the best of Brazilian Counter-Strike at the IEM New York Quarter-Finals

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