IEM New York: FURIA Overcome Evil Geniuses, Liquid Stay Dominant

On the fourth day of IEM New York, FURIA and Team Liquid secured the first spot on their correspondent groups with wins over Evil Geniuses and Chaos. Triumph stomped ImPerium to score their first win at the event and the Whalers came out on top against Rebirth.

FURIA and Evil Geniuses promised a great series, as both teams were yet to drop a Best-of-Three. Starting on Nuke, the first half was a great clash between the frenetic offence of FURIA and cohesive team-play from the Geniuses.

As the teams switched sides, the game became more one-sided with the Brazilians convincingly taking it 16-12.

Overpass would be the stage for even more dominance from the Brazilian side, as they would power on through EG’s map pick, taking the series with a clean 2-0.

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On the other side of the coin, Triumph was facing ImPerium for their first points into IEM New York. Having faced FURIA and Evil Geniuses up to this point, the favouritism was still on the side led by Alan ‘Shakezullah’ Hardeman.

And as Overpass developed, it become clear that Triumph was going to speed-run this series, as they locked it down with a commanding 16-2 on the first map followed by a 16-5 on the second.

Erik ‘penny’ Penny finished the two map series with a +37 Kill Differential and a 94.9% KAST

Would Twistzz help EliGE carry Team Liquid to a win versus Chaos? – Credit to HLTV

Team Liquid was looking for another sweep to keep up their momentum in Group B, going up against Chaos, that tied in points. Frequent vent pushes converted into 8 rounds for Chaos as they started Nuke on the T side.

Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablowski would step it up once again for his team, dropping an astronomical 31 kills while keeping up his streak of 20+ kills per map since the beginning of IEM New York for a 16-12 win.

Dust 2 kicked off with a shy performance from Liquid, with their confidence slowly building over the end of the first half.

Chaos wouldn’t give up the series that easily though, as Anthony ‘vanity’ Malaspina led by example to hint at Overtime. A good execute on A would be sufficed by an even better retake on A from the boys in blue, as Team Liquid closed the map in the nick of time with a clean 2-0 series win.

EliGE netted two kills on the 30th Round just in time to keep his streak of 20+ kills per map since the beginning of IEM New York

For the final match-up of the day, it would be Rebirth versus Whalers. Both teams had a 1-1 record and were looking to get any advantage they could to reach play-offs. The two sides fought fiercely for Overpass, but in the end, it was the Whalers to get the final say and secure the 16-13.

The momentum carried on to Mirage, as they scored some early rounds. In spite of that, the match ended up developing into a tooth and nail matter that was extended into Overtime, much on the back of a great defence by Rebirth. With a standout performance from Kevin ‘4pack’ Przypasniak, they took it to a third.

But it was all for nothing, as the Whalers started Inferno on a high note and ready to take the series home. Eleven rounds on defence made it easy to seal the deal 16-5 and get their second series win at IEM New York.

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