IEM New York: FURIA Seize 100 Thieves to Win It

The Grand-Finals of IEM New York North America would start great for the Thieves, as the Australian roster was looking to finish their time under the 100 Thieves banner with a bang, but things would soon spiral out of control and tumble down for the side of the Brazilians, with FURIA taking the championship with a 3-1.

Evil Geniuses would land the third spot at IEM New York North America, beating the Brazilians of Team One on a pristine 2-0. They will stay on top at the Regional Major Rankings, at least until the next year, as they will now move to Europe for the remainer of 2020.

This Best-of-Five would start on FURIA’s turf over at Nuke. The Brazilians wouldn’t get the start that they were looking for, with Sean ‘Gratisfaction’ Kaiwai going on a tear, dispatching 26 bodies in an unreal 13-2 half to kick off the series.

As teams switched sides, it became even clearer that 100 Thieves was mounting a solid statement for the rest of the series, with FURIA managing to string some rounds but ultimately falling 16-9.

Despite Gratisfaction owning map one of the IEM New York Grand-Finals, Liazz would be sitting at the bottom of the server

Things would return back to normality on Inferno, as FURIA looked more composed and ready to complicate the last ride of the Thieves. Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles would clutch it 1v2 to break the 11-11 equilibrium, putting the Aussies on the back foot.

100 Thieves would crawl three rounds just to bring it to a 14-14, but FURIA would once again break their streak and bring it back in their favour, to tie up the series 1-1.

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Fully warmed up and ready to get some pay back on the heavy defeat of the first map, FURIA would show top class in Vertigo and blast through the Australian roster with a devastating 16-4 victory.

Justin ‘jks’ Savage, who holds the keys of the A site for 100 Thieves, finished Vertigo with only 8 kills

The Brazilians seemed unstoppable as the series headed for the fourth map of Mirage. FURIA was confident in their approach as they secured an 11-4 half, with Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan on point with his flamboyant plays putting the Thieves in the verge of despair.

As 100 Thieves switched over to the defence, they started to slowly get back in the game, but over-rotations would be their Achilles heel, with FURIA taking it 16-11 and winning IEM New York North America with a 3-1 series.

Playing together for the last six years, this might be the last event for the Justin ‘jks’ Savage and Aaron ‘AZR’ Ward duo

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