IEM New York: FURIA Surpass EG to Reach the Grand-Finals

The Semi-Finals of IEM New York North America would kick off with the Rematch between Evil Geniuses and FURIA. The teams had already faced at the event on the Group Stage, and EG was looking to break the curse, having lost the last six maps where they faced the Brazilians. A 2-0 series would prove their efforts ineffective.

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FURIA would start their map pick of Nuke making quite the dent on the defence of EG. Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato would lead the charge with 19 kills of his own, aiding a governing 12-3 by the end of the first half.

Evil Geniuses would have to react to this ferocious attack if they wanted to contest the first map, but alas, they could only grasp a single round before falling 16-4.

FURIA entered the IEM New York Semi-Finals in peak form, with KSCERATO finishing Nuke with 29 kills and 139.2 ADR

The North American side had a chance to claw back into the series at their map pick of Train. This time, it would be Yuri ‘yuurih’ Santos to give them a massive headache every time the Geniuses wanted to conquer the B site.

However, as teams switched sides, there was only a small gap separating them, and EG leaped ahead on the scoreboard, yet it wouldn’t last for long, as economic pressure from FURIA and their consecutive strikes on B would put the helm back in the hands of the Brazilians.

They would falter one match point for the Geniuses before Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan broke through with a quad-kill, seizing it 16-13 and putting the Brazilians on the Grand-Finals of IEM New York North America.

Vincent ‘Brehze’ Cayonte would put 29 in the scoreboard, but the rest of his team couldn’t keep up against FURIA

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