IEM New York: Mythic Grab First Win and FURIA Makes Play-offs

On a very typical day 5, IEM New York North America saw Mythic overcome RBG, 100 Thieves powering through Team One and Evil Geniuses and FURIA display dominance against the MDL underdogs, Rebirth and ImPerium.

Team One was set to clash against a diminished 100 Thieves. The Australian side hasn’t been having the best performance at IEM New York, and after an unnerving article from DBL TAP pointed towards the transfer of their superstar Justin ‘jks’ Savage over to Complexity, the pressure was all on the Thieves.

Trying to simulate the pace of their FURIA compatriots, the Brazilian side tried to surprise on Vertigo. Alas, they would run out of fuel right before closing the map, with the Thieves stealing it at the last minute on a 16-14.

Inferno didn’t go better for the Brazilian side, as support rifler Jay ‘Liazz’ Tregillgas would top off the scoreboard to lock it down 2-0.

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The two teams at the bottom of Group B, RBG and Mythic, were up against each other. Not wanting to follow the trail of ImPerium and finish day 6 with no wins, it was the Erik ‘Fl0m’ Flom side to rail-off with a win on Train.

Boasting a much larger win-rate on the decider map of Overpass, Mythic could take things slow on their opponent’s pick of Vertigo, and yet, RBG would tumble at the hands of up-and-comer talent Kaitlin ‘Keiti’ Boop, as Mythic closed the Best-of-Three on a comfortable 16-9.

After two rough days on IEM New York, Keiti would finally get a chance to shine, with 46 kills distributed through the series

At the top of A, FURIA would come up against ImPerium, who were standing in last place with a track record at the event composed solely of losses.

As Overpass developed, it seemed that they would go on without a series victory for another day, as FURIA cemented an overpowering 16-1.

Inferno gave place to a more balanced fight, with ImPerium scraping some rounds and even reaching double numbers on the board. In spite of that, FURIA decided it had enough and closed it 2-0.

FURIA has assured their presence on play-offs, leading Group A with 12 points

An equally contrasting match-up would happen as Evil Geniuses collided with Rebirth. The line-up hailing from MDL would put no resistance against the Geniuses on Train, as the clear favourites took it 16-3.

Things took a turn for the worse, as they speed ran the series, taking the second map with a stupefying 16-1.

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