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Exclusive Interview with Porofessor.gg and League of Graphs founder, Jean-Nicolas


If you’re a League player, this is definitely not the first time you are hearing the words: ‘Porofessor.gg’. This complex and powerful tool has been providing services to LoL fans for a couple years now, and as the game continues to grow, we can only expect this handy app to grow with it. Let’s put a spotlight on how Porofessor.gg was made and where it could go in the future!


Jean-Nicolas, Porofessor.gg founder and creator, was quite the tech-whiz kid. Having begun coding at 11, it was only a matter of time for him to stumble into the world of League of Legends and begin creating the app that League fans love. The app has been trusted by casual players and professional teams alike. Starting from simple family video games to website domains and finally in-game apps, Jean-Nicolas has one goal: happy users.

What is Porofessor.gg and how does it help League players?

Porofessor is an app that provides detailed statistics for friends and foes, build recommendations and tags that improve players’ game. It also analyses your game once it’s over, suggests replays from top players to watch, and a lot of other features to improve your game session.

Who is the mastermind behind Porofessor.gg?

I started coding when I was 11-years-old by coded a small video game for my friends and family which was a parody of the “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” TV show. In December 2013, when the League of Legends API was released I built League of Graphs, a high-quality stats website that became one of the most successful websites for League players and where Summoners get their information to this day. Over time, different League helpers appeared and I was inspired by LoLNexus to build a way for players to understand their match statistics, champion performance, and other key aspects of gameplay. It was around 2017 that Porofessor was born initially as a part of League of Graphs and then separately as its own domain and website.

What motivated you to start building a software for the game?

Creating websites is great, but due to how browsers work, there are a lot of things that are not technically possible from a website, like interacting with the LoL client. Therefore, the user experience I wanted to create could not be possible with only a website. It was around this time when I discovered Overwolf, a technology framework that allows third-party developers like myself to easily build gaming apps in HTML and JavaScript, and saw the value I could create by building an in-game app that players can use in-game and in real-time.

Was there any major hiccups and road blocks along the way to where Porofessor.gg is at now?

Every single day is challenging as there are new features to code and feedback from fans to think through and implement. As a one-man company, I’ve done everything myself which has its advantages and disadvantages.

What is the best way to use the software? Where can it help the most?

If you are a League player or fan you can simply download the app for free from the Overwolf appstore after installing the Overwolf client and begin using it as you play. It will really help you understand what you are doing wrong in a game so that you know what to focus on in your next game.

We heard professional teams such as G2 Esports have been very fond of the app, can you please comment on the successes of your app?

Well, it feels pretty great. It’s always very nice to see that people enjoy what you make because I’m not making the app for myself, I’m making the app for all the League of Legends players. It’s also awesome when you have great feedback from random users, and in particular when those users are very famous or top-tier users. I receive frequent DMs or emails from people thanking me for making the app and it always makes my day.

What is Porofessor.gg’s goal for the end of 2020?

The goal is very simple: to make the app as good as possible. It’s already very good and people are very happy with it, as proven by the retention rates which are skyrocketing, but there are always features to improve. Sometimes it’s a feature directly visible to the user like how fast the app is or sometimes it’s how the infrastructure works. I don’t have a big plan for what is going to happen in the next year. If one day I find something is suboptimal and I have the power to improve it, then I definitely will. When I go check my stats dashboard, the very first thing I check, before even checking the number of users using the app daily, is the retention rate. It’s the metric that basically shows me how happy users are with the app, and I want it to be 100%.

From your online presence, it seems that you communicate with fans quite often regarding issues and bugs. For League fans and Porofessor.gg users, where is the best place to reach you?

You can reach me on Twitter, Discord, or email. I’m not very active on Twitter but if you send me a DM or mention me, I’ll check. As my goal is to make sure users are happy with my app, I try to be as available as possible.

Just to hop on to more recent news: Worlds 2020. Which teams are your picks for the finals?

China won in Europe, so Europe has to win in China. I’ll go for G2 vs … well someone. They were very close to winning last year without even using the Porofessor app. With the help of the Porofessor, they will win for sure.

We love that confidence! Maybe Jean-Nicolas is right, Porofessor might just be that thing missing from G2 last year? Gamezo would like to thank Jean for taking the time to chat with us and if you haven’t done it yet, get Porofessor.gg to improve your League game! You can learn more about the app on their website: Porofessor.gg.

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