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JAK-12 Warzone – How To Unlock The New AA-12

Shotguns are IN this season, with the Origin 12 tearing it up. But now, meet the JAK-12, Warzone Season 6’s latest addition. It packs a punch, and isn’t too hard to unlock.

The Assault Rifle x Shotgun Loadout set-up is one of the more popular choices lately in Warzone and Modern Warfare. Even with nerfs coming into play, the Origin-12 is still a beast up-close. Not only that, but the 725 with Slug Rounds does devastating damage at ridiculous distances. As rumoured pre-Season 6, Activision has added another shotgun into the mix with the JAK-12.

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The JAK-12 is essentially a re-named, slightly altered, AA-12 from Modern Warfare 2. Fans of the weapon will be pleased to know it performs pretty-much the same as it did back in the day. Unlike the SP-R 208 and the AS-VAL, which are included in the Battle Pass, the JAK-12 has a challenge you’ll need to tackle first.

JAK-12 Warzone
Credit: Youtuber kr4hu

JAK-12 Warzone Unlock Challenge Is All About Hip-Fire Kills

Thankfully, that challenge is fairly easy. All you need to do to unlock the JAK-12 for Warzone and Modern Warfare is get three hip-fire kills in seven different matches with a shotgun. This should be a piece of cake in the right game mode. If you’re feeling brave, Hardcore Playlists are the way forward. If not, soemthing like Free-For-All or an objective-based playlist could be a better bet. Any game-mode where you can get up-close and personal, basically.

It’ll take you seven games, but it’ll be well-worth the wait. Now, the race for a Gold Camo JAK-12 is on!

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