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JasonR Leaves FaZe Clan Valorant Team

One of the original signings of FaZe clan’s VALORANT roster was Jason “JasonR” Ruchelski. Despite the excitement behind his signing, the team wasn’t what he had hoped. Now the first captain of the squad has left FaZe and is looking for a new team.

JasonR announced that he joined the FaZe roster on June 28th as the captain. Only 38 days later did the team’s captain leave due to disagreements with management. According to JasonR in his stream, he has had no say in who is picked on the team. Along with this, he was not scrimming or practicing with the team either.

JasonR also did not make an appearance in the team’s first official event at the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Tournament. Without having input in the team and not working with the team, it makes sense that eventually either the player or the organization realizes this partnership isn’t working out. Currently JasonR is a free agent and according to him, he is in talks with different organizations. Hopefully there will be a new team in the works that will pick up this talented former OpTic Gaming CS Pro.

Do Captains Have No Control Over The Roster?

But while JasonR is leaving due to a lack of real meaning behind the title captain, this leaves us to question if the current captain for 100T, Spencer “Hiko” Martin, will do something similar. As the captain of 100T, Hiko expected to have a greater say in what the rest of the roster was going to look like.

This was said during Hiko’s stream but was later walked back on a reddit post. This  took place after the initial announcement of the 100T roster, so it is possible that the sentiments have changed.

It is interesting to see that some organizations are handing out the title of captain to their roster members but without any of the authority or input that a team captain would normally have. Whether or not this will continue as more organizations begin creating their Valorant teams is anyone’s guess.

For now, the FaZe roster will be led by former Overwatch pro Corey “Corey” Nigra.