Jedi Fallen Order: All The Planets That Feature In-Game

Like any Star Wars adventure, Jedi: Fallen Order takes you all the way across the Galaxy to visit a number of different planets. Here’s everything you need to know about all the planets you’ll find yourself on in the latest Star Wars video game!

Aside from thrilling Space Battles, intense Lightsaber Duels, and Mind Tricks… Star Wars is known for taking us on a journey to countless iconic locations in a Galaxy far, far away. Jedi: Fallen Order ( JFO ) is no different. As you’d expect from a Star Wars game, JFO is full of fantastic environments both known and unknown to fans.

Below, we’re going to talk about all the planets you visit in Jedi: Fallen Order. Some of them, like Kashyyyk, you may know… Others? Maybe not.

All Planets in Jedi: Fallen Order

For the sake of organisation, the list below will be organised alphabetically. In JFO, players do visit the planets in a certain order… However, the semi-open world nature of the game allows players to return to any location discovered location at almost any point of their playthrough.


Bogano is one of the first planets you visit in JFO and there’s good reason you might not have heard of it. It’s a remote planet in the Outer Rim, largely unexplored and missing from most modern maps. It’s surface is largely untouched by any civilisation. Bogano is largely covered with grassy wetlands, deep ravines that course across the planet’s surface with a scattering of deep sink-holes.

It’s importance to JFO, and the larger Star Wars universe, is primarily due to Endo Cordova. His studies of the Zeffo and their culture led him to Bogano and the Zeffo Vault that is hidden there. Inside, he managed to hide a Jedi Holocron containing a list of Force-Sensitive Children from across the galaxy.

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Cere Junda, who has cut herself off from The Force, convinces Cal that this could be the key to re-establishing the Jedi Order following it’s fall post-Order 66.


The Prologue of JFO takes place on Bracca and it is where Cal Kestis has been in the time between Order 66 and the start of the game’s narrative. It is a Mid Rim planet that is almost entirely a junkyard. As the Empire rose, the Scrappers Guild took control of the planet and used it to salvage scrap from decommissioned starships, vehicles, and other machinery.

In terms of Bracca’s importance to JFO and the larger Star Wars universe, it is more of an interesting insight into life in a post-Republic Galaxy. Players only experience Bracca briefly in JFO, but it highlights itself as a dangerous environment that appears inhospitable at first. The Scrappers that live and work on Bracca do so in dangerous situations. We see this first hand as Prauf, Cal’s friend and co-worker, almost falls to his death in the Prologue. This forces Cal to use The Force to save his life, ultimately highlighting his existence to the Empire’s Inquisitors. This act of heroism and compassion is the fateful event that kick-starts the events of JFO.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Bracca also appears briefly in Resistance Reborn, a canon novel by Rebecca Roanhorse that bridges the gap between Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi and Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.


Dathomir is a planet that you may have heard of before. It is located in the Outer Rim Territories and, in JFO, it offers a brutal landscape compromised of crumbling ruins, wild vegetation, burnt woodlands, and swamplands. Cal Kestis travels to Dathomir in his search for clues and information about the Zeffo Civilisation. It is home to the Nightsisters and Nightbrothers, who Cal encounters during his visits.

In relation to the larger Star Wars canon, Dathomir is a recurring planet with significant importance. Despite it’s remote nature, it has been highlighted as one of the flashpoint systems during the Clone Wars. This is primarily due to two factors. Firstly, Mother Talzin, the Shaman and Clan Mother of the Nightsisters, was at odds with Darth Sidious throughout. Dathomir is also home to a number of notable Force-Wielders: Maul, Savage, and Asajj Ventress. Although Savage and Ventress have had a limited impact on the discourse of events across the Galaxy,, Maul has been integral to much of the currently-explored discourse in Star Wars canon.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Dathomir has appeared in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Dark Disciple, Star Wars: Rebels, amongst countless other mentions and references.

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Ilum is, perhaps, one of the most important planets Cal visits out of all those featured in Jedi: Fallen Order. Not only is it vital to an important moment in JFO‘s narrative, it is also an important location for almost every Jedi. It is an icy planet with series of mineral-rich caves coursing beneath it’s surface. It is the home to an ancient Jedi Temple that many Jedi visit in order to find their Kyber Crystals.

In JFO, Cal Kestis undergoes this journey and is subsequently knighted by Cere Junda. Throughout this gameplay sequence, Cal Kestis hits the low-point of his heroic journey narratively. When he finds his Kyber Crystal, it breaks apart in his hands. We see Cal defeated, desperate, and seemingly hopeless. However, BD-1 inspires him to continue with his lightsaber construction. Rather than use the Kyber Crystal to construct one blade, he crafts two which can be combined and separated at will. Players, however, have access to this developed combat mechanic prior to this moment.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Ilum features in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, being described as such by Ahsoka Tano: “ There is no place more sacred to the Jedi.” It also features in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens as Starkiller Base; it’s destruction at the hands of The Resistance undoubtedly saved countless lives.


Kashyyyk is most-likely the planet many Star Wars fans are most familiar with in Jedi: Fallen Order. It is a jungle-covered planet in the Mid Rim Region that is home to the Wookies. Cal Kestis first travels to Kashyyyk in search of Tarfful, a Wookie leader. He is a friend of Cordova and, following his discovery of Wroshyyyr Bark in the Tomb of Eilram, an important lead in uncovering more information about the Holocron hidden on Bogano.

Kashyyyk has been an important system in Star Wars canon throughout the time-line established by the Skywalker Saga. It was a constant flashpoint system during The Clone Wars and the Wookie Race continued to be suppressed and enslaved throughout the Imperial Era. Cal Kestis arrives at Kashyyyk during a raid orchestrated by Saw Gerrera and his volatile Rebel Cell. Together, they attempted to locate Tarfful before being pushed back by Imperial Forces.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Kashyyyk has appeared in every iteration of the Star Wars Battlefront series, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and countless other canon novels including Last Shot and Aftermath: Life Debt.


Nur is a mysterious planet that is only briefly shown in Jedi: Fallen Order, with almost all the time spent there indoors. It is the home to the Inquisitor Fortress. Located in the Mustafar System, the location of the Fortress is in close proximity to Vader’s Fortress and influence.

In terms of it’s importance to JFO and the larger Star Wars canon, it’s home to the Inquisitors is vital. The Imperial Inquisition, or Order of Inquisitors, is an organisation compromised of numerous Force-Sensitive Dark Side agents tasked at hunting Jedi in a post-Order 66 era. They are governed largely by Darth Vader, but have a Grand Inquisitor at their helm. They appear primarily in Star Wars: Rebels alongside appearances in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, and the novel entitled Ahsoka.

The Second Sister, in the latter parts of the JFO narrative, steals the Jedi Holocron and Cere Junda joins Cal Kesist in infiltrating the Fortress Inquisitorius to get it back.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Nur, and the Fortress Inquisitorius only appear in Jedi: Fallen Order. This is despite the numerous appearances of the Inquisitors throughout the Imperial Era.


Zeffo is another planet that you may not have heard of, but is vital to the narrative laid out in JFO. It is a windswept planet with a varied terrain located in the Outer Rim regions of the Galaxy. Here, the ancient Force-Sensitive race known as the Zeffo originated and Cal Kestis visits it in the hopes of learning how to open the Zeffo Vault on Bogano.

Zeffo only appears in Jedi: Fallen Order, but could be a vital part of the upcoming discussions into the origins of The Force. The Zeffonians were a largely Force-Sensitive species with their Vaults appearing on a number of well-known planets: Dathomir and Kashyyyk, for example. As a society, they fell to the enticements of the Dark Side of The Force and we learn through JFO that they have headed into the “Great Unknown” in search of a peaceful existence.

Jedi Fallen Order All Planets
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Jedi: Fallen Order takes place around five years after Order 66 and the events of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. It follows Cal Kestis, a surviving Jedi Padawan, throughout his journey to re-establish the Jedi Order and reveal truths about The Force and his connection to it.

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