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Josedeodo Joins LCS as FlyQuest’s New Jungler

FlyQuest Josedeodo

It is official! Latin America’s top jungler is crossing borders and is on his way to begin his LCS career. FlyQuest released a welcome video on their social media platforms on November 20 revealing their acquisition of the Argentinian talent. Here’s to FLY Josedeodo!

This is not too much of a shock to FlyQuest fans as the team has been hinting at it for the last few days, tweeting in Spanish since Free Agency in the League of Legends scene has started. However, this doesn’t make this news any less exciting. The previous Rainbow7 jungler is replacing Lucas ‘Santorin‘ Larsen in the team roster who announced his departure from the team just the day before and is now joining another LCS team, Team Liquid.

As of late 2020, Brandon Joel ‘Josedeodo‘ Villegas has been deemed as Latin America’s best jungler after Isurus’ Oddie retired. His efforts has been praised by League fans all over the world as he entered Worlds 2020 with Rainbow7. Despite the rocky start, Josedeodo showed promise throughout his performance. In a Worlds interview, R7 support, Shadow, even shares his hopes for Josedeodo to “reach other regions so he continues to improve”.

Well, now that that has finally come true and after an almost-one-year run with Rainbow7, we hope this new jungler will be a great jumpstart for FlyQuest to continue improving in the LCS and redeem the NA reputation in the competitive scene. The world is now watching you, FLY Josedeodo! What’s your thoughts in Josedeodo’s NA move? Tell us down in the comments below.

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