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Keemstar Calls Out Dexerto

Keemstar has been on a Twitter rampage, calling out everyone from influencers to journalists as well as claiming he wants to run for President. To be fair, if you didn’t look at the date of this article, you would not be able to pinpoint when this is from, because this is just another day in the life of Keemstar.

Last night, he went after Slasher, a renowned esports journalist, for allegedly using his position to try get dates from women. The allegation is that Slasher promised Jessix a job with Misfit’s Overwatch league, Florida Mayham, in return for getting him a date with Brittany Venti. Jessix did show Twitter DMs, which are seemingly real, but until they are 100% confirmed, it is all allegations.

Later on, he went after the owner of the YouTube channel Esports Talks, known on Twitter as @JakeSucky, for supposedly misleading his audience regarding the Slasher allegations. Keemstar then decided to target Dexerto for not writing stories on the Slasher allegations. This was shortly after Keemstar made it his mission to expose journalists abusing their positions of power.

And then, to top off the events, Keem has decided to run for US President in 2024. Just another day in the life of Daniel Keem.

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