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LA Thieves Adds Venom to Starting Lineup, Benchs Temp

la thieves venom

The Los Angeles Thieves announced that they have signed Carlos “Venom” Hernandez to the team and will move him to the starting lineup for Stage 2 of the 2021 Call of Duty League.

In the video posted that talked of the lineup swap, the team, headed by head coach Jordan “Jkap” Kaplan and general manager Eric “Muddawg” Sanders, provided their thoughts on the recent Stage 1 playoffs in which they finished in fifth-sixth place and how that failure prompted the move.

Although LA Thieves started off Stage 1 in good terms with a 4-1 record for the group stage, the team failed to carry over their form into the playoffs and achieve the same level of success there. Games in which the Thieves felt confident in winning didn’t exactly result as such, leaving their overall subsequent performance much to be desired for fans and management.

“We want to be competing for championships and at least be in that S-tier range of teams but we know we’re not right now. Our teamwork has been lacking, our crossfire has been lacking–we just know that we need to do something with the roster.”


Necessitating a paradigm shift for the team that will hopefully brew future success, the team enlisted Venom, a heralded rookie from the CoD Challengers scene, to help them compete for Stage 2.

“We think he has a bright future and we’re hoping that this change will be a catalyst to help us implement some of the changes that we talk about so frequently.


Simultaneously, LA Thieves also announced that Donovan “Temp” Laroda, one of the founding members of the team from its inception in November 2020, will move to the bench as a substitute for Stage 2.

“To all the fans out there I just want to reiterate that our goal here is to win championships. We’re always going to be looking for the best solutions that will help us achieve that goal. So we appreciate the love and support you’re showing us and the players through this tough time and we’re going to keep working towards bringing home that trophy.”

Muddawg in conclusion of the video

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