LA Thieves are Better Than Ever After Benching Veteran SlasheR

The LA Thieves are better than ever after benching veteran pro player SlasheR. This comes after the Thieves were victorious in the first two rounds of CDL Major 2, defeating both Paris Legion and the London Royal Ravens, sending both European teams home from the tournament.

The Los Angeles Thieves have had a very volatile first year in the Call of Duty League. Their original roster consisted of SlasheR, Temp, Kenny, and TJHaLy. The team went 4-1 in their group during the first Major, but had a poor placing of top 6 in that tournament and have struggled ever since.

After their poor performance in Major 1, the team made the decision to bench Temp, a veteran professional Call of Duty player and a very big name in the community. This was in exchange for Venom, a rookie to the Call of Duty League, which was quite a shocking change for most followers of the league.

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Now, after going 1-4 in their group during the Stage 2 Major, the Thieves have also made the decision to bench SlasheR, another Call of Duty veteran and proven champion in the game. Drazah was brought back up from Challengers to take his place, and the results were very interesting.

Since the LA Thieves benching SlasheR, the new team has gone 2-0, sweeping Paris Legion in the first round of the tournament, and defeating the London Royal Ravens in a reverse sweep earlier today. This brings questions as to what the source of the problems for Thieves may have been all along.

Some of the speculation online says that SlasheR was the issue. He’s known to carry a big stick as a leader, and he’s also known to not tolerate losing. Perhaps the Thieves’ lackluster performance throughout Stage 2 group play was negatively affecting the vibes of the team, sending them down a further rabbit hole of struggle, or maybe their playstyles simply weren’t meshing together and Drazah rounded out the roster in a more complimentary way.

“We’re doing really good… The overall vibes right now with the team are amazing…”

Kenny of LA Thieves expressed his satisfaction in a post-game interview following their victory over the London Royal Ravens.

Were the roster changes that Los Angeles made risky? Absolutely. Did everything work out in the end? It’s too soon to say. Although they’re through their first two rounds, the Thieves have a long way to go in the tournament. It’s so far so good in the camp of the Thieves; we’ll see if they can keep the momentum and make a huge loser’s bracket run this weekend.

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