Latest VALORANT Patch Notes Sees Raze Nerf at Start of Act II

The latest VALORANT Patch is one of the largest so far. The beginning of Competitive Act II, the introduction of a Free For All Deathmatch mode, a new agent, and a Raze nerf highlight patch 1.05. This has been a long-awaited patch, especially with the FFA mode, something players have asked for since beta.

Competitive Act II

Acts in VALORANT are expected to last two months at a time, with a new agent at the start of each act. Killjoy comes into the game during this Act, as Reyna joined the fight last time. This patch sees the introduction of Act Ranks, which are indicative of your best 9 wins of ranked. This is called “proven skill” according to the Riot release.

At the end of acts, your Act Rank will remain on a badge on your player card. “Proven Skill” is “your 9th best ranked win of the Act, to demonstrate you can consistently win at that level.” This pushes down your worse ranked wins in order to be more indicative of your best. The border around your badge has to do with the number of wins you get; 9, 25, 50, 75 and 100 are all markers.

This also brings the introduction of Overwatch-style player cards, allowing friends to see your Match History, rank, and progress. The Act Rank Badge shows your top nine ranked wins. It will take just three games in competitive Act II to show your rank, instead of five if you haven’t played ranked yet. Placement games don’t count toward your Act Rank.

Raze Nerf

Raze’s Showstopper ultimate gets a lot of deserved criticism. It can kill in one shot and doesn’t give players a lot of warning. In the previous patch, her ultimate was tweaked to take an extra ult point to achieve it. Now, it gets a heftier nerf with the time from activation to firing raising from 1.1 to 1.4 seconds. Her VFX is also reduced when firing the rocket and the VFX on the rocket’s trail is reduced. This allows players to notice Rze much quicker, punishing risky plays. The damage will decrease on her Blast Pack from 75 to 50.


This is an exciting addition to the game. Deathmatch FFA mode will allow 10 players on the same map, first to 30 kills, or a time limit of six minutes. No abilities will be allowed in the mode, and you load in as a random agent you own. You can buy whatever weapon you want and you spawn in with heavy armor. Killing enemies drops health kits that restore your health/armor and reloads your weapon. Enemies are revealed on the minimap in a UAV style.

Deathmatch is in beta currently, with players being able to play in windows starting tomorrow, August 5.

Other stuff

If you report a player, you will get an email if they are punished.

Your store offers will no longer include things you already own (later in the patch).

Bug fixes for Sova’s Owl Drone rotating slowly and Reyna not getting her full heal. Also fixes the Phoenix planting the bomb anywhere by using Run it Back.