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League of Legends Chinese League to Introduce Performance-Based Salary for Pro Players

LPL plans to introduce a performance-based in-game pay system for its professional players. According to a recent report on Hupu, the League Pro League is planning to introduce a salary cap on its players next year, becoming the first league to do so in League of Legends esports.

The change would come in the top Chinese League of Legends league starting from 2021, becoming the first League of Legends league to introduce such a system. The main motivation behind this change would seem to be the LPL’s desire to make teams’ financial resources more equitable.

How will it work

This system would serve to limit the expenses of teams with more financial resources and, consequently, make the monetary difference between the various Chinese teams less heavy, prohibiting, in case of maximum penalty, participation in Chinese league tournaments.

The financial fairness proposed by the LPL will target players’ salaries: in particular, they will be based on their performance recorded during matches. Each player will be assigned a starting score based on his or her level of play: this score may rise or fall, thus modifying the player’s maximum salary ceiling.

However, basing this payment system solely on the player’s performance is very difficult to do. Comparing players’ performance only through statistics would not take into account the difference in role within a game and the circumstances that lead to the number of K/D/A or gold earned during the match.

Comments on social media all states the same: everyone distrusts the mechanical system to properly evaluate player skill, saying that even if it worked perfectly, it would disincentivize fast-paced and risky play.

However, it is too early to condemn the mentioned pay-system; no specific details have been released on how and when the limit will be implemented, nor on how it will affect current salaries.

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