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All Upcoming League Skins in 2020 Currently Known

Dev videos and Prestige 2020 announcements by Riot have provided a plethora of knowledge for upcoming League skins in 2020. This includes skins for less popular champions that haven’t received a skin in a while, champions that commonly get skins, and prestige skins. Most of the information that Riot has provided pertains to the first half of 2020.

Skins for Less Popular Champions

In a dev video about skins and events, Riot Games expressed that they wish to make more skins per year. This way, they can reach less popular champions. However, they also need to reap the benefits of making skins for popular champions. The champions that haven’t received a skin for a long time that will be getting skins this year are Skarner, Xerath, Mordekaiser, Kindred, Rek’Sai, Vel’Koz, Karthus, Sion, Twitch, Taric, Pantheon, Nautilus, Trundle, Bard, Ornn, and Taliyah

We already have some pictures of a Dark Star Mordekaiser skin and an Elderwood Ornn skin with some beautiful horns.

The new Mordekaiser skin for League in 2020.
The new Ornn skin for League in 2020.

Trundle, who is on the list of champions set to get skins already has a Dragon Slayer skin testing on the PBE.

The new Trundle skin for League in 2020.

The popular champions that Riot said will receive skins are Lux, Ezreal, Ahri, and Kai’Sa. Nothing new about that though.

Prestige Skins in 2020

Plans for Prestige skins in the first half of 2020 was also released.

Prestige skins released through events will include the already released Mecha Kingdoms Garen, Malphite, and Lucian.

For the Prestige 2020 Point Shop True Damage Senna, Zyra, and Zoe are the ones that will get skins. That’s right, Zyra is finally getting another new skin and its a prestige as well. Zyra hasn’t received a new skin in a while. This is because of the amount of work it takes to make a skin for her, or so Riot has said.

Most of the information given by Riot during dev videos and other announcements has been about the first half of 2020. Hopefully, we can get some skins for other less popular champions in the second half as well. Riot Games has also said that they will be looking at new themes to try as well as revamping less popular ones.

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