League of Legends

League Universe 2020: Lore Based Content for Release in 2020

Lately, Riot Games has been rolling out more details of its plans for League 2020. The most recent video features the world of the game, Runeterra, and the various ways Riot will be sharing the League universe in 2020. Everything they mention is planned for 2020.

League Universe Games for 2020

Riot Forge works with third-party developers to make single-player story-driven games that take place in the League Universe. Currently, two games are planned for 2020. The first game will be The Ruined King. It is a turn-based role-playing game taking place in the Shadow Isles. After that, Convergence will follow Ekko in a platformer game with some time travel.

Tellstones will also be released. It is a two-player tabletop game about bluffing and perfect information. The game originates from Runeterra, the universe of League of Legends. Although it is played throughout Runeterra, the design of the game will be based on the Demacian version. Based on the footage, the game uses tokens, or stones, with various images on them. This won’t be the first board game based on League, but let’s hope its better than the previous attempts. Riot also plans to continue making table-top games.

Animated Features for 2020

Arcane, which was announced during the 10 year anniversary, will premiere sometime in 2020. It follows Vi and Jinx as they grow up to become the famous League of Legends champions. Little is known about the animated series at this time.

The last announcement is Tales of Runeterra, short videos that will take us around different regions and will feature various champions. The short clip that was shown of the first Tale of Runeterra has Akali and Shen talking and running into some sort of enemy rock golem. Not as ambitious as an animated series, but with voiced champions and story, Tales of Runeterra will be more than just trailer cinematics. The featured image above is Akali rolling her eyes at Shen from the new Tales of Runeterra Teaser.

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