Leak Reveals Four Games Coming to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Leak

A huge Nintendo leak, courtesy of the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee, shows four games that are going to be ported to the Switch soon. Yes, I said ported, unfortunately. Here are the games that we know are being ported to the Switch and Switch Lite.

Tales From the Borderlands

Nintendo Leak
Credit: The Western Forum

Tales From the Borderlands by Telltale Games was removed from several platform’s shops a few years ago, but 2K has announced that it is returning. They haven’t officially announced the Switch port. Good thing this Nintendo leak came along, I’m genuinely hyped for this one.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Nintendo Leak
Credit: Rock Paper Shotgun

Capcom has announced that The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is coming to PS4 and PC, but no official word has been put out about a Switch port. It was originally released on the 3DS in 2015 and even has a mobile port. It throws you into the Meiji period of Japan, and you play as an ancestor of Phoenix Wright.

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Secret Neighbor

Nintendo Leak
Credit: Xbox

Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer spin-off from the studio’s previous title, Hello Neighbor. It’s set between the first two acts of Hello Neighbor and has you try to rescue someone from the neighbor’s basement but one of the players is the neighbor in disguise.

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Nintendo Leak
Credit: SnowRunner

SnowRunner is an off-roading simulator and a successor to Spintires and MudRunner. Traverse through 15 locations with 40 vehicles to complete various tasks.

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