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Leaving Your WoW Guild – How Do I Quit?

Leaving your WoW Guild might be a sad thing to do, but sometimes it is needed. Maybe you’re looking for a guild with different focuses, ir perhaps you want to revert back to your lone wolf origins without the constraints of an organisation… Either way, this guide should help you figure out how to leave your guild in World of Warcraft.

So you’re back on World of Warcraft, or World of Warcraft Classic, and you’ve found yourself a Guild. Guilds are fantastic, to be honest. They are not only beneficial in terms of Quests and XP, but they’re generally fun places to be to enhance your WoW experience. If you want to make a Guild, you’ll need to do the following: 

you’ll need to purchase a Guild Charter from an Alliance / Horde Capital City for 10 Silver. Then, you’ll need to get 10 signatures on this Charter in order to have enough members to start a Guild. Players can then come and go as they please. 

Boralus should have someone who can sell you a Charter. / Credit: Blizzard
However, what about leaving? 

There’s a couple of steps to leaving your Guild in World of Warcraft. It isn’t particularly difficult, but it can be annoying to figure it out if you’re not sure where to start.

Firstly, you’ll need to open the Guild Panel in the UI. The easiest way to do this is to press the J Key. 

Once this is up, you’ll need to select the Roster Tab of the window. 

Then, scroll down the Roster Tab list until you find yourself. 

Finally, you need to right-click on your name and select the Leave Guild option. 

Leaving Your WoW Guild In Classic Is Even Easier!

In order to leave your Guild in World Of Warcraft Classic, all you need to do is type the relevant console command into the chat bar. Typing ‘ /gquit ‘ into the chat bar will automatically remove you from whichever Guild you’re currently a member of. Goodbye, classic Guild!

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