League of Legends

LEC Remote Streams Start Friday After a Short Suspension

Last week, LEC was suspended right before the stream on Friday, March 13. This week, LEC returns this Friday on March 20 with remote streams. Riot Games announced this on the official LoL Esports website and on the LEC Twitter account.

The suspension of the LEC was due to a staff member showing symptoms of being sick. At the time of suspension, there were no staff members that had tested positive for COVID-19. There are still no positive tests for any LEC staff and players, but they wish to remain cautious in the face of the global pandemic.

What Does a Remote Stream Mean?

These upcoming games will have players staying in their respective training centres and playing official matches remotely. All refereeing will also be done remotely through the use of cameras and microphones. LEC production and broadcast staff will also be working from home.

That’s right; an entire League Esports stream will be played and produced online, all across Berlin. This will either be a great technological feat or a disaster. Here’s hoping nothing goes wrong. 

Latency to the LEC tournament servers was tested for the teams and is low enough and equal enough to be fair to the teams. It will probably not be as buttery smooth as an in house game for the players, but it is the best we can ask for in these trying times.

With LEC returning, we all have a little more entertainment to enjoy from home. Moreover, with LEC remote streams, we are in for a unique treat. I know I’ll be tuning into the live stream on Friday and 6 PM CET  to watch this unique, remotely made stream.

Here’s the lineup for Friday:

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