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LEC Spring Split Weekly Recap – Week 1

The first week of the LEC Spring Split 2021 has come to an end, let’s see who are currently the teams standing on the top of Europe, here’s the LEC Spring Split Week 1 Recap!

LEC Week 1 – Day 1

As with the last three splits now, the first match of the year was marked by a win for G2 against MAD Lions. While the first appearance of team Astralis did not convince, both Rogue and Schalke04 proved they still have a lot to show by both taking their first win of the split. The last match of the day showed us Fnatic uncertain and hesitant, defeated by Misfits.

LEC Week 1 – Day 1 Games

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LEC Week 1 – Day 2

If the first day is a warm-up day, we can say that both Excel and Vitality took to the field in full force on day two, both taking a win in their favour. Once again Astralis did not seem to find the winning chemistry and conceded a win to MAD Lions. G2 get their second point by winning against SK Gaming in a game that was over in 30 minutes punctual, as well as Rogue, who in the last game of the day, destroyed Fnatic’s base even before the 30-minute mark.

LEC Week 1 – Day 2 Games

LEC Week 1 – Day 3

The last day of the super week began with a victory for Astralis who snatched a win from the hands of Vitality at the last second of the match. Rogue‘s stabilised their position at the top of the rankings with another crushing victory over SK Gaming, while the Misfits only managed to beat MAD Lions after an uncertain early game. Fnatic succeded to bounce back by taking their first win of the split against Schalke 04 and so the week ended with another win for G2, who continues to reign over the LEC.

LEC Week 1 – Day 3 Games

Rankings after Week 1

At the end of the three day start we can clearly see which teams are off to a great start while it’s quite uncertain which ones will have to fight untill the last day to make it to playoffs.

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