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LEC Spring Split Weekly Recap – Week 4

We have reached the halfway point of the LEC Spring Split 2021, after four weeks of competition some teams have reached the top of Europe and some are bound to be left behind. Here’s the LEC Spring Split Week 4 Recap!

LEC Week 4 – Day 1

Astralis achieved victory after a long series of defeats and welcomed newcomer MagiFelix who had to replace Nukeduck. The victory in the match against Vitality did not do much to the Excel‘s position in the ranking. MAD Lions are uneven in this first LEC season, which makes them unreliable at most. In week 4 they too remained stranded in the middle of the ranking. Schalke 04 took many steps backwards in the last two games before the end of the half split, taking home two defeats in two games played. SK Gaming: match after match, the team fails to improve, but instead settles more and more into mediocrity that does not bode well if it appears so early in the year.

LEC Week 4 – Day 1 Matches

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LEC Week 4 – Day 2

Unfortunately, Astralis earned another painful defeat, which did not allow them to detach themselves from the bottom of the ranking. Excel are a team with a lot of potential but are severely limited by their draft choices. Needless to say that the (double) defeat at the hands of Fnatic was almost humiliating. Defeating a team like Rogue is not easy, but to do so after a game of over 50 minutes is quite a feat, especially when the top of Europe is at stake: G2 assert themselves as the first place in the LEC standings. Misfits finally got back to winning ways after five defeats in a row. The point gained against Astralis lifts them out of a bad situation, especially in terms of their morale.

LEC Week 4 – Day 2 Matches

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Rankings after Week 4

At the end of the first half of the season, Fnatic takes the third step of the podium, while Schalke 04 lost points on the ranking. G2 takes the first place in the standings with team Rogue which was constant throughout the first part of the competition.

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