League of Legends

LEC Suspended Due to COVID-19

This morning, the LEC live stream began as normal with the countdown timer. However, instead of the usual lively introduction, fans were brought to a lonely studio where Eefje Depoortere (@sjokz) delivered the news that the LEC Spring Split was suspended. The full announcement was as follows:

“Before our show, we received an update regarding the LEC Spring Split. In light of the uncertainty during the rapidly-changing COVID-19 global pandemic situation and in an abundance of caution, we’ve decided the err on the side of player, fan, and staff safety and suspended the LEC Spring Split until further notice

“We apologize for the late notice but we have a developing health situation among the LEC crew and staff today that requires our full attention. No players have been impacted and no COVID-19 cases have been identified at this time. We will provide updates through our social channels and we want to thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you soon.”

Around the same time, the LEC Twitter account was updated with the same news, with more details in a picture:

With a staff member in quarantine, the suspension is a reasonable choice. We can only hope that the person is healthy. For now, preventing the spread to other staff and players is the priority.

Other COVID-19 Effects

Originally, on March 12, it was announced that live audiences and onsite press attendance for the LEC were canceled. The show was expected to continue as a live stream, but the latest development forced Riot Games to take the next step in preventative measures.

In further news regarding COVID-19, MSI was also delayed. The new dates for MSI are July 3-19. Of course, this is susceptible to change. Outside of League of Legends, E3 was also canceled.

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