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Lexie Liu Joins Riot’s K/DA Group for the Single “MORE

Lexie Liu has joined K/DA for Riot’s new single “More” ahead of the League of Legends World Championship Finals, held in Shanghai this weekend. A rising star in the East, she’s becoming famous thanks to her rapping skills in both Mandarin & English.

Lexie Liu – Who is She?

Lexie Liu, also known as Liu Boxin (刘柏辛) was born in 1998, in Changsha, Hunan. She had always been interested in music & had cultivated the passion from an early age. Her career started by partecipating in the Korean TV competition series, K-pop Star 5, and later on with the release of her first single ( Coco Made Me Do It ).
Her fame started really rising when she participated in the famous Chinese program The Rap of China, eventually winning 4th place. In the meanwhile, she signed with the American label 88rising, which includes other Asian artists such as Jackson Wang, Rich Brian, Joji & the Higher Brothers.

Lexie Liu

Her image is slowly establishing as the face of the generation of Chinese artists, fusing with the American mainstream. Her style is very distinctive: her songs go back & forth between Mandarin & English as she interchanges them in the verse, creating a bilingual dynamic with extremely dream-like vocals. Her music videos also are mostly set in futuristic or virtual dimensions so the artist herself fits very well with the virtual theme of Riot’s K/DA Group..

Lexie Liu – 5th Member of K/DA

With the Worlds Championship taking place in Shanghai this year, it was expected to see a Chinese artist joining Riot’s music group. The same happened when Henry participated in the other Worlds song, Take Over.
Lexie joined K/DA as their new member, Seraphine, along with American Singers Madison Beer & Jaira Burns & the two members of the K-pop group (G)I-dle Miyeon & Soyeon.


The Chinese-Korean collaboration is perfectly in theme also with the LoL Finals: the Korean representative DAMWON Gaming will go up against Suning for the trophy.
Despite such a big variety of genres, the K/DA group is having worldwide success. The big hit from Worlds 2018, “POPSTARS“, is already over 300 millions views & this year’s other release, “THE BADDEST”, was well received by the community.
On top of that, the new release, has already reached more than 8 millions views in one day. The track is a prelude to the group’s debut EP, All Out, which will be released on November 6.
Even if Seraphine did get some backlash in terms of gameplay, it looks like her addition to the music group is having positive feedback. Their performance at the Finals will surely be an explosive one, so make sure to watch the series on Sat. 31 October, starting from 11 AM ( CEST ).

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