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Limpone Interview: “VALORANT Lacks Early Game”


There aren’t many teams in Europe that have been signed by an organization but SKADE is one of the few Valorant teams that are signed. Before they were signed they were playing under the tag of “FABRIKEN” and were considered as a top 3 team in Europe until three of their players were signed by FunPlus Phoenix which resulted in the lineup now being almost completely different. SKADE is now considered as the thirteenth best team in Europe via the vlr.gg rankings. We had the chance to talk with one of the players on the roster Linus “Limpone” Wecksell about his past, the reason teams aren’t signed in EU, and their future tournaments.

Answers edited for grammar and clarity.

Before you decided to play VALORANT full-time you used to coach New England Whalers in Counter-Strike and play for Resurrection Sickness in Absolute Masters why did you decide to only focus on VALORANT?

  • I always said I never wanted to coach a team feeling like I had more to give as a player, and for a time I felt that way. But as a coach/analyst the last year I learned a lot, it really didn’t feel like I took a break as a player… It felt more like I took some “time off to study”. So when Valorant came out and I found myself enjoying the game, I originally was just playing for fun with Resurrection Sickness. But seeing the scene develop and feeling like I had more left to give as a player I decided to pursue it full-time when I got the offer to play for FABRIKEN.

    Limpone at CPH 2018

Limpone at CPH 2018

You come from the Counter-Strike scene were there many differences in how the game is played? Do you think the transition was easy for you?

  • The biggest difference with Valorant is that it lacks “early game”. In CS you fight for map control early, and even if you always get it for free there’s a chance the enemy will change the pace and throw you off. Pace changes don’t really work as well in Valorant, and in general, I think Valorant defaults are simplistic CS defaults. So because of that, I think the transition has been kinda easy because they’re so similar.

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What do you think about Jett after the update? Does she still need a nerf?

  • Jett will always be Jett, the one hero that is allowed to take very bad positions and get away with it for free. I think she’s pretty balanced now, but if you were to change the one thing that’s super annoying about her, she would honestly suck.

Shortly after you joined SKADE you were playing LVL VALORANT Clash Ignition event and beaten teams like Prodigy and Team Liquid did you undergo some specific preparation for the tournament?

  • We had just done a roster-change going into the tournament, I think we, in general, don’t focus too much on our opponents, we try to focus on ourselves and getting good to adapt to different teams on the fly. So nah, our preparation wasn’t anything out of the ordinary

Do you think that the reason European teams aren’t signed by any organizations yet is that we lack tournaments in EU or why do you think that is?

  • I think Europe is just a bit more cautious with their decisions, especially considering COVID etc. Not as many big players in EU have made the switch either, and there has not been a lot of big tournaments so that all play a part.

Do you think that VALORANT has the chance to outgrow Counter-Strike in the Esport industry? Now that more and more professionals are leaving not only from Counter-Strike but also Overwatch and other games.

  • Considering VALORANT is more sponsor friendly, I think it can become a massive hit but I also think nothing can replace CS. But we’ll see.

Thank you for answering all those questions could you, at last, tell us where and when can we see SKADE in action?

  • Right now we’re just gonna focus on practice and prepare for First Strike, that’s our biggest focus now just like most team.

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