Little Devil Inside Steals The Show! – PS5 Showcase

Out of all the games revealed during the PlayStation 5 Showcase, one game stood out. Little Devil Inside instantly captured my attention with its unique art style and well-edited trailer. Now it’s highly unlikely you would have heard of Little Devil Inside before. However, the game has actually been through a lengthy development after being backed on Kickstarter, with 5,126 backers raising $306,515, (AU) surpassing the $250,000 (AU) goal.

Little Devil Inside is fundamentally an exploration-focused survival action RPG. The basic setting is this: you are hired by a Professor who is investigating unusual activities in the outside world. As a member of his faculty, you are hired to go on risky missions to investigate and bring back bits of information for him to study. Think Witcher 3 meets Tomb Raider.

With a gorgeous art style plus smooth and dynamic animations, Little Devil Inside certainly catches your eye! The game will be fairly slow-paced with time spent planning your next dangerous adventure. You will be slashing and blasting your way through enemies with swords and guns, all while mastering the fluid combat system. Explore, discover, adapt, fight and survive. In addition, according to the Kickstarter page, the game will have Multiplayer/Co-Op, although it’s very possible that this feature could have been cut in the many stages of development.

Created by Neostream, (Based in South Korea and founded in 1998) Little Devil Inside was once scheduled for release in 2016. But evidently production got side-tracked. It was originally expected to publish on PC, PS4, Xbox One and even the Wii U! Although, given that it’s 2020, I highly doubt the Wii U port will ever see the light of day. Obviously, the development of the game didn’t go according to plan.

However, the final result looks magnificent. Now, no release date was announced, but the game was said to be a Playstation Console Exclusive, (PS4 & PS5) with a PC release coming later. You can check out the full Showcase Trailer in the video below.

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