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LoL Jungle [Patch 11.3] Tier List: Best Champions for Climbing SoloQueue!

If you’re looking to climb the ladder in Season 11, then you’ve come to the right place! Here is our LoL Jungle Tier List!

Are you new to League of Legends? Or, maybe you want to get better… This jungle tier list will help you understand which champions are stronger in this meta! Every week, we’ll publish tier lists for the best champions in each role, so stay tuned for more content!

Without further ado, let’s jump into our LoL jungle Tier List!

Jungle Tier List: Best Champions


Skarner Jungle Tier List
Credit: Riot Games

Skarner has been rising in popularity after the Turbo Chemtank Buffs. He has good clearing and he also fares well against the other strong junglers in this meta.

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Not only that, but he has one of the strongest Ultimates in the game since he can basically shut down an opponent by pulling him towards your team. With the current state of the meta, where most champions have dashes or ways to reposition themselves, Skarner is the common counter of those champions!


Credit: Riot Games

All the junglers in this meta have one common feature: mobility. When we think of mobility, Hecarim is the first jungler that comes to mind. He has a decent clearing as well as insane gank potential, especially after level 6. He can chase any target while being able to kill them with his damage.

He’s also extremely versatile since he can both engage & disengage with his Ultimate. He’s also really easy to pick up so learning him will take no time!


Nunu Jungle Tier List
Credit: Riot Games

Nunu & Willump works similarly to Hecarim, with the exception of being more of a disruptor & towards more a tankier, peeling playstyle. With his Q, he can basically secure any scuttle crab which can grant him a strong advantage at the early levels.

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His ganks are even better. He’s probably the best jungler for lane ganking with his W, and his slows from E & R make sure that opponents cannot run away from him.


Despite the nerf, Udyr is still undoubtedly one of the best junglers of this meta. He can full clear the fastest out of all champions, with the ability to get to scuttle crab with all the camps cleared.

Credit: Riot Games

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Remember that full clearing in this meta is extremely essential. You need to be able to constantly farm the gold & experience in order to stay ahead. Udyr, thanks to the Phase Rush & the mobility from either Ghost and/or E, can run around the map consistently, ganking everywhere while making sure his camps respawn constantly. If you’re looking to solo carry games, Udyr is probably the best option.


Ivern is somewhat of a different pick compared to the aforementioned champions. He’s definitely more effective in higher elo, where people play as a team more often than not.

Ivern Jungle Tier List
Credit: Riot Games

The ability to grant buffs to his allies as well as the shield he provides, make him a nuisance in the infamous peeling-carries comps. The MoonStaff Item Build is extremely effective on him: the amount of protection Ivern grants is nothing short of a Lulu or a Karma, for example.

While he can be blindly picked, try to go for Ivern only in situations where he fits the team you’re playing in. He’s also one of the hardest champions to play between the ones we mentioned here, so it might take some time to master him!

So what do you think of the meta? Is there any particular champion that we missed out on? Do you agree with our tier list? Let us know in the comments!

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