Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes and Open Beta

It’s official: Legends of Runeterra is getting an Open Beta. I’ll also go over the Legends of Runeterra patch notes that come with the beta. It was originally planned that the game would have an extended closed beta from mid-January to release, but the developers heard the cries of the people who were never invited and decided to make the push for an open beta.

A few additional changes come along with the now open beta. The most important change: There will be no further resets to progression. If the beta had been closed as originally planned, there would have been a reset to player collection and progress in the game. The reason for resetting would be that the progress made by people in the closed beta would give them an unfair advantage. Since the beta is open now, everyone will have an equal advantage, so resetting is unnecessary.

The open beta launches on January 24, but you can start playing on January 23 if you played in the preview patches or pre-registered before January 19.

Don’t know how to play yet? I’ve got an article explaining the gameplay, mechanics, and keywords.

Legends of Runeterra Patch Notes

The full patch notes can be found on the Legends of Runeterra website. I’ll give you the highlights.

The highlight of the patch is Ranked. The Ranked mode will pit players against similarly skilled opponents as they climb the ladder seeking even stronger opponents.

The economy has been changed slightly. Prices for coins have been adjusted to better match the App Store and Play Store. The adjustments overall are pretty small. If you bought coins during preview patches, you will be given coins equal to the money spent.

XP gain was also changed. Players will gain bonus XP for the first few wins of the day and then diminishing XP as more games are played in one day. This helps people who don’t have time to grind games.

Cosmetics have been added to the game. Six new boards and three new Guardians (the little buddies on the side that you can pet during games) will be available for purchase.

Friends List has also been added. This includes chat and challenge. Your friends list is shared with League of Legends, so you don’t have to re-friend anyone.

Card Changes

Anivia received major changed. She no longer levels up after being Eggnivia, and will instead level up once you become enlightened. If she is transformed into Eggnivia, she will only transform back once you are enlightened. She can also block now. After that, she had a few stat changes.

Ezreal changed as well. The Mystic Shots he creates will now cost the normal two mana instead of zero.

Vladimir was slightly changed, and now damage he survives will count towards his level up as well.

Tryndamere’s Tough effect was removed.

Fleetfeather Tracker will only have challenger after you summon an ally now.

Cloud Drinker’s effect was also changed. It makes burst spells cost one less only, instead of two less when enlightened.

Wraithcaller now has Fearsome.

After that, various cards received slight changes to stats and mana costs, which you can see in the full patch notes.

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