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Lux League of Legends Full Support Guide

League of Legends Lux is an extremely abusive laner, she pairs greatly with any ADC that can thrive off of crowd-control, though even if she isn’t in a comp that can constantly lock down a player she can still blow up enemies that get caught out. This is the best Lux support guide.

Lux Runes

Depending on what the enemy team is running you can change your runes up quite a lot. Though the top 3 best rune sets are Arcane Comet for the added poke in lane, this is also the most common one you will be running. Dark Harvest, if you are feeling like your team just won’t have the damage late game, and or Guardian, if you are against a supper kill or poke heavy lane.

Here is a visual on how I take my runes:

Lux support guide runes
Credit: Amanda

This is probably the most common set of runes I take, its really good against tankier supports so that you can poke them down so they can’t engage on you.

Lux support guide runes
Credit: Amanda

These runes aren’t the most team-oriented ones, most people run dark harvest when they think their team isn’t going to be performing well and going in with the I need to be the carry mentality.

Lux support guide runes
Credit: Amanda

Lastly, the Guardian set up, I really only go this if there is a super heavy dive team, like a Pyke or Blitz, and it will help out a lot during laneing to lessen the impact of enemy poke/kill lane.

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A really great item is Moonstone Renewer, and it’s made its way on top laners that are taking aery, but Lux has a built-in shield that cast twice on a teammate, the healing she would get from picking off a someone on the enemy team and casting a W would be insane.

The fact that you also can build Staff of Water flowing and scale your team’s damage makes for a really good utility item to top off your team’s hp but also bolster their damage.

Here’s an example of a full built Lux:

Lux support guide items
Credit: Amanda

Her shield scales with ability power, so picking up two AP items won’t hurt your team at all, though when you land a root on the enemy Mid or ADC and full combo them, they are going to be screaming about how Lux isn’t a support.

Lux Combo

The basic combo for Lux is to Q – E – R. Weaving in autos after abilities if you can get close enough, though you can do different things to make sure you can land your different abilities.

For example, your E will slow enemies standing in it, so you don’t have to blow it up instantly. You can use that to make sure you can land your Q or if you are feeling lucky you can use it to just straight up ult off it.

The more damage you do the more you are going to be healing your team, so constantly procing your passive for the bonus damage on Lux will be healing whoever you are putting your shield on.

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