Magic: Legends First Look

Magic: Legends first look

The Magic: The Gathering MMO launched its open beta. So here is our Magic: Legends first look to give you an idea of how the game plays. Here’s what I found in our Magic: Legends first look…

Magic: Legends first look
Credit: Magic: Legends

First things first, I have to admit that I didn’t get to play a lot of the beta, so this Magic: Legends first look has room for expansion. The game is overpopulated at the moment, so it’s VERY laggy. With that being said, here’s what I experienced.


When you start, you’re given the choice of five different classes or Planeswalkers. They walk the Planes. They correspond with the five mana colours in Magic: The Gathering.

Red Geomancer

  • Red, the Mountain, symbolizes fire and earth, aggression and anger, and the comedic relief that is a goblin cannon. It’s a cannon owned by goblins that also launches goblins.
  • A melee class that focuses on punching with their earthen gauntlets and conjuring pillars of stone to crush your enemies.

Green Beastcaller

  • Green, the Forest, has always symbolized verdant growth and titanic strength, nature itself, and sometimes just a bunch of bears.
  • Wielding a admissive, ancient axe, you literally crush your foes. Or you can send this adorable little fox dude to fight them, among various other creatures you can summon.

White Sanctifier

  • White, the Plains, symbolizes angelic protection and healing, the holy power of the Gods supporting righteousness and purity of soul, and sentient cats. Like a lot of sentient cats.
  • The Sanctifier is the ‘priest’ class of Magic: Legends, combining supporting your allies and their own summoned creatures while also dishing out some righteous offense yourself.

Blue Mind Mage

  • Blue, the Island, symbolizes the power of the mind, or in the literal sense, water and those who dwell in it. Jace Beleren, one of the most powerful Planeswalkers in MTG lore and one of the most hyped-up Planeswalker cards in existence, used Blue mana.
  • The Mind Mage is a floating, annoying, control mage who is annoying. They utilize their psychic powers to put enemies to sleep, bind them in place, throw forks and knives at them from across the kitchen, and even make someone think they peed their pants. Control players IRL are sadistic, by the way, don’t at me.

Black Necromaner

  • Black, the Swamp, means death and decay, raising zombies from the rotting corpses of your fallen friends and foes, and attaining knowledge through less than moral means. A Black mana user would sell someone’s soul, maybe even their own, for a bit of magical prowess or information. Give and take, a reward for a sacrifice, that’s what Black magic is all about.
  • The Necromancer uses damage over time effects to slowly chip away at health bars, while summoning various critters to do their bidding… and then sacrificing said critters to cast more powerful spells. Like I said, give and take. If you had to compare them to a WoW class, they’d pretty much align almost perfectly with Warlocks.

I started with the Sanctifier, because I’ve always been a fan of being blamed for party wipes when I don’t spit out enough healing. The Sanctifier uses holy explosions and can summon some gnarly soldiers who fight by your side, and I had a lot of fun… when my game wasn’t lagging.


Once you get through the tutorial, you’ll learn that your spells are kept in your ‘deck’. Once you use a spell, it will disappear from your casting action bar and be replaced with another spell in your deck.

Each spell costs its own amount of mana, which is a clearly marked resource bar of yellow dashes. You cast a spell and you’ll spend the appropriate amount of mana, and then your mana will recharge at a decent rate over time. It’s not slow, but it isn’t fast enough to allow you to throw spells out like you’re Oprah giving some cars away

Gameplay is very much like Diablo. You run around in a bird’s eye view, and click things. *shrug* Not much to expound on that, so there you go.

I hope our Magic: Legends first look helped you decide if you want to give it a try or not. Personally, I’m going to dabble once the servers become less clogged. Oh, and a completely unrelated note: When you get into the main area, where you can see other people spamming !claimfreepack in the zone chat, it doesn’t do anything. You won’t get a free pack.

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