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Major changes coming to 20/21 DPC season

changes 20/21 dpc season

A number of team representatives recently met with Valve at their headquarters in Seattle to discuss changes to the upcoming 20/21 DPC season. The changes were then communicated to all other teams who were not present at the meeting.

Image result for leipzig major winner
DPC 19/20 is going strong, with team Secret the winner of the second Major.
Image Credit: Dreamhack

Expecting changes

Valve is working with third-party organizations to organize tournaments in a league format for each region to replace the Minors system. Each regional league will have 2 divisions with promotion and relegation – the same as with StarLadder leagues.

The two teams that finish last in the lower league will lose their positions and have to attend the eventual open qualifier. The top two teams in the second division will move up the ranks with the two last-placed teams in the top division table in the opposite direction.

Depending on the organization, these leagues will be played online or LAN. The top division leagues will act as Major qualifiers, and the leagues and Majors rankings will affect the DPC scores of teams.

Valve is also planning to split the prize money for all teams participating in both league divisions. Also, if a “new” team wants to attend TI then they have to start from the beginning: going through the open qualifier => second division league => first division league => Majors => TI. And if a team wants to move from one region to another, they will also have to start from the open qualifier.

Undiscussed issues

  • It is unclear if the new system is to be applied next season and which teams will participate in the first and second division.
  • It is unclear how Valve will handle the transfer situation and personnel changes. What will the effect of switching players mid-season be? How is it going to affect the teams and leagues in general?
  • How will the prize money be distributed throughout both league divisions?

It is expected that as this DPC season continues to unfold, more information will come before everything is finalized and put into place.

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