Make GLaDos And Other Characters Say What You Want interface

GLaDos’ iconic voice is now your’s to use for whatever your heart desires thanks to text to speech app.

First noticed by Kotaku over the weekend, this deep-learning text-to-speech app has been trained on a library of audio clips of various characters. From video game characters like GLaDos from Portal, the Black Mesa Announcer from Half-life and the Narrator from the Stanley Parable; Cartoons like Steven from Steven Universe and even the iconic computer HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Credit: Valve

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The website has produced a large number of memes with the Team Fortress 2 characters being preferred according to YouTube and Twitch search results. The ease of use of the tool is undoubtedly a major factor in its popularity as it means anyone with an internet connection can enter in their commands, request their favourite voice and then save it for personal use or create a meme or edit to share with the world.

Some characters on the app do come with their own twist. Should you attempt to request a sound byte from Gordon Freeman or Chell you will be returned with nothing as both are silent characters. The characters from Undertale and Celeste both return results not in the form of spoken words but they come out as each game’s distinct respective beeps.

The creator of the tool has pledged to add characters from various other video game franchises such as Sonic, Mass Effect, Fallout and The Witcher. They are also open to contributions for characters to add via the contribute page on the website.

The potential of this app is immense and in the hands of truly creative can be used to accomplish some incredible things. If this describes you why not give it a shot.

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