Maneater: PS5 Refund Available Thanks To PS Plus

Maneater is the PlayStation 5 PS Plus game for January, and PS5 players are being offered a refund if they recently purchased it! What a way to start 2021, here’s all we know.

It’s a common-enough issue many of us have suffered from. You purchase a game and the day after it goes on sale. It’s a cruel world. For the most part, it’s a case of ” damn it, ah well “; however, PlayStation have decided to change their tune with Maneater and it’s inclusion in January’s PS Plus line-up for PS5 users.

Reddit user u/BraeWhyit noticed that they had received a refund automatically from PlayStation after purchasing Maneater in November. With it being notoriously difficult to get refunds from PlayStation, this is an unusual change of tune for the company.

” This will not affect your ability to play the game as we have not removed the game from your library.”

PlayStation Message regarding the refund.

So, in theory, if you’ve purchased Maneater at any point on the PS5 you could be looking at a refund. Not the worst thing to happen, is it?

In Maneater, players take control of a Female Bull Shark on her mission to survive in the vastness of the ocean. In order to survive, players essentially have to eat other fish and humans. It’s a fun concept, however there is a narrative hidden within the watery mayhem.

Maneater PS5 Refund
Credit: Tripwire Interactive

Your Maneater shark is actually on the hunt for one particular fisherman. The fisherman who killed your mother. Yeah, things just got fucking serious.

Maneater is joined by Greedfall ( PS4 ), and Rise of the Tomb Raider ( PS4 ) in the PS Plus line-up. It blows Xbox out of the water. Ocean Pun intended.

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Did you get your PS5 refund for Maneater? Are you looking forward to grabbing it with PS Plus in a couple days?

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