Marvel’s Avengers: How To Change Character?

As you progress through Marvel’s Avengers, you may be wondering one thing: how to change character. You can actually change to any unlocked character at any time! Here’s how:

Marvel’s Avengers features six playable characters at the time of writing, with more on the way soon! You may enjoy playing as one in particular, but that doesn’t mean the others aren’t worth checking out! Each character has a unique move-set which adds a fantastic versatility to how the game plays. And if you’re not that interested? It’s still worthwhile if you want to earn more credits.

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Whatever your reason for wanting to switch characters in Marvel’s Avengers, you may need a helping hand doing it. Thankfully, both methods are pretty easy once you know what you’re looking at…

How To Change Character
Credit: Attack Of The Fanboy

How To Change Character? There Are Two Ways…

The first way to change your character in Marvel’s Avengers is via the Hero Selection Terminal. Whether you’re in the Chimera or at The Ant-Hill, you’ll be able to find one of these while you explore the hub spaces Marvel’s Avengers has to offer. They look similar to the War Table, however they have a giant holographic “Avengers A” on top of them. You can’t really miss it!

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The second way to change your character is when you’re in a mission lobby screen. While you wait for a mission to start, you should see two buttons on-screen. There’s the “Select Hero/ Companions” button, and then the “Launch Mission” button. You’re going to want to hit “Select Hero/ Companions.”

How To Change Character

From here, you can select which character you want to play as! If you press Square, X, or the associated key, you’ll be able to pick which A.I. Companions you’d prefer in the event that you aren’t playing it with other players online! Make sure you pick your strongest set, as the hero-specific levels apply here, too.