Marvel’s Avengers: How To Earn Credits

There’s one thing on everyone’s minds while playing Marvel’s Avengers… How to earn credits. Credits are the paid-for currency which can be used to unlock cosmetic items and buy Challenge Card Tiers in Marvel’s Avengers.

You may have logged a few hours on Marvel’s Avengers by now; it’s been out ten whole days! I know, it feels like a lot less. Anyway, in your time playing, you might have noticed you’ve managed to earn a few credits! I know that, when I was playing, I wasn’t sure where they came from for a while.

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Hopefully, this will shed a little light on where these elusive credits are coming from and how you can earn a few more without paying extra!

How To Earn Credits? There’s Only Really One Way

Yep, you read that right. Unless you want to pay for them… There’s only really one way to get credits.

You need to complete the Challenge Card. In a similar way to Fortnite or Warzone, Marvel’s Avengers‘ Challenge Card features more than just cosmetics. Small amounts of credits also pop up throughout.

How to earn credits
You can see at the top of this image, third unlock in, there are some credits! Credit: YouTube

If you want to unlock these, you’ll need to complete Daily and Weekly challenges in order to earn Challenge Points and work your way up the Challenge Card. Thankfully, each playable character has a separate Challenge Card, and the currency is not character-specific, so if there’s a particular Iron Man armour you want to grab… You may have to branch out.

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It’s a pretty good reason to explore all the playable characters, and each Challenge Card challenge helps to push you into playing in a different way. For example, I don’t often use parrying and blocks, but when the challenge demanded it… I found myself forced into practice, and it ultimately made me a better player.