Marvel’s Avengers: How To Unlock Thor, God of Thunder

If you’re just starting out in Marvel’s Avengers, you may be wondering something… How to unlock Thor. Well, the way to do that is below, but be careful! This article does contain some spoilers!

At launch, Marvel’s Avengers comes with six playable characters. Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, The Hulk, Captain America, and Ms Marvel each sport unique gear, their own skill trees, and hours of fun! However, if you’re wanting to jump into a multiplayer punch-fest first thing, you may be wondering where Thor is…

Marvel’s Avengers has a prominent single-player story questline, and Crystal Dynamics want you to play it. Therefore, some of the playable characters are locked at the start in order to encourage players to play through the Reassemble storyline. As Kamala is the title’s protagonist, she is the first playable character unlocked. The Hulk is also available, as Bruce Banner is the first Avenger that Kamala happens across in her search for the team. The rest though? They come a little bit later as you progress.

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Despite this, though… There is another way you can unlock Thor Odinson, if you can’t wait.

How To Unlock Thor? Not As Hard As You Think!

Thor pops up in the storyline pretty late, all things considered. The first way to unlock Thor as a playable character is to finish the mission “Testing… 1… 2… 3…”.

How To Unlock Thor
Credit: Crystal Dynamics

When you’ve done this, Thor will have been unlocked! From now on, you can take the fight to A.I.M. with Asgardian might and heroics, wielding Mjolnir as you please.

Alternatively, if you want to jump into the multiplayer action straight away you can unlock Thor there. Just hit Avengers Initiative on the main menu and you’ll instantly unlock Thor alongside all the other playable characters. This is where all the post-story online content is, so beware spoilers!

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There’s not a lot in Marvel’s Avengers’ storyline that is mind-blowing, however if you’re a fan of the characters then the story isn’t worth missing first-hand! You will also be able to swap between the two mission sets by pressing up on the D-Pad (If using a controller) while looking at the War Table map!