Marvel’s Avengers: Who Is Tiny Dancer?

While playing Marvel’s Avengers, you may have a particular question on your mind: Who is Tiny Dancer? Well, you’re not alone! This article contains story spoilers, so be wary!

When starting off Marvel’s Avengers, you have the opportunity to complete the Reassemble Questline. This is essentially Marvel’s Avengers’ single-player story. You can play it cooperatively if you wish, but it’s much more focused on the underlying narrative the game is poised on. 

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You may notice that Tiny Dancer, a mysterious A.I.M. hacker, is a pretty important part of the opening narrative sequences. As Kamala ventures across America, Tiny Dancer is one of her online contacts with the equally-mysterious Resistance movement. Tiny Dancer helps Kamala navigate A.I.M.’s chaotic pursuit and continually helps to alert her when they’re closing in on her location. Without Tiny Dancer, Kamala’s reassembling of the Avengers would have been a lot harder. 

But Who Is Tiny Dancer?

As someone adept with corporate espionage and sabotage, there’s only one member of Marvel’s Avengers roster that could be… That’s right! Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow, is actually Tiny Dancer! 

Who Is Tiny Dancer
Credit: Square Enix

A-Day may have broken up the Avengers, but that didn’t stop Black Widow from doing what she does best. While Bruce and Tony have been struggling to deal with the loss of Captain America, Black Widow has used her frustrations for good. She has infiltrated A.I.M. and is using her position to help with Hank Pym’s Resistance.

Although it is an indirect role, she is feeding vital information to Resistance Operatives which is undoubtedly saving Inhuman lives. This all helps to explain Black Widow’s absence from the first half of the Reassemble questline. 

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We know that Tony Stark would rather have chosen the moniker “Rocket Man”, but which Elton John song title would be best suited to be an undercover alias? Surely, it has to be “Crocodile Rock”.