Mass Effect: Remaster News on the Way? It is N7 Day…

Rejoice, fans of Science Fiction! Rejoice! We could be staring down the barrel of a Mass Effect Remaster announcement today, if rumours and hints are to believed.

A number of press officials, including Eurogamer’s News Editor Tom Phillips, have suggested that an announcement from Bioware regarding Mass Effect is coming later today.

In the Tweet below, you’ll see what we mean. Mass Effect fans should keep an eye on the Bioware blog this afternoon… Seems mysterious, yet hopeful!

It might not be the biggest secret ever, but there have been leaks and rumours that a remaster of the Mass Effect Trilogy is coming for a long time. A number of teasers have been shared in the past with fans hungry to get their hands on an updated version of the iconic series.

Earlier this week, in a presentation to investors, EA announced that they would be releasing a remaster and a new title through EA Originals. EA Originals is their indie publishing label and these titles would both be released by March 2021.

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It seems likely that this would be a Mass Effect remaster when you also take into account that there is a Mass Effect N7 Day panel happening later this evening.

Mass Effect Remaster
Credit: Bioware

This will be attended by the original cast and several Bioware developers. It’s due to go live at 19:00 GMT.

Now, all we can do is wait and pray for a ground-up remaster. Mass Effect didn’t have the best controls when you look at Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.

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