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Meet Jean Mago, the 16-Year-Old Brazilian Kid Who’s Taking League of Legends by Storm

Look out, League of Legends community. There’s a new star afoot.

With the popular game’s 2020 season nearing its end, players throughout the world, be it professional, amateur, or casual, were jockeying for high placement within their region’s solo queue ladder. Some soared during the last sprint with extraordinary win streaks  whereas others faltered.

But amidst the vast player pool, one individual, a teenager from the country of Brazil, stood out above the rest. By streaming himself play the game ad nauseum on stream, he rapidly accumulated a following across not just his homeland but the rest of the world, bolstering his status from an obscure albeit talented individual to a major draw of the game.

Professional organizations, fellow peers in the streaming scene, and famous players all lent their support by mentioning the budding prodigy in their posts. Additionally, preeminent figures such as host Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere and the LoL Esports Twitter account linked his stream, further propagating attention onto his stream that reached a peak of 160,000 live viewers and 1.8 million concurrent viewers. Outsiders, upon seeing the six-digit figure of his stream, flocked to see who this person was and how he played.

Jean Carlo Dias Mago (From his Twitter account @jeanmagolol)

This player’s name is Jean Carlo Dias Mago, otherwise known as the number one ranked player in Brazil at just the tender age of 16. Standing at 1,542 LP, an immense knowledge of League despite his age, and a pseudonym akin to its greatest superstar. Mago has been adorned by fans and players to be the game’s next big thing in not just Brazil but the rest of the world.

Humble Beginnings

Mago tweeting his final placement in Brazilian solo queue

Mago hails from the bustling city of Sao Paulo and began playing League since season four. Though Mago started slow in accordance to his prepubescent age, sitting in the gold tier at season six, he would soon find his footing with his prowess for fighting champions like Yasuo and Irelia, going to diamond in season seven and challenger in season eight henceforth. Of course, Mago didn’t accomplish those feats with an on-off playing regimen; he made it to Challenger by diligently playing all day, every day, for years.

Younger Jean Mago

And it was through his hard-nosed resolve of being the best of his server that he reached the top, mastering every facet the game had to offer in the process–or at least that’s what he believes anyway. For being very young, Mago displays astonishing confidence that could make a veteran professional career look like child’s play. In the FAQ section of his Twitch profile, under the bulletin that asked what specific role he is proficient in, he replies by saying he’s good in all five of them. When it comes to which champions he’s good at, he points at all 151 of them as his source of expertise.

Mago’s Rise Beckons

Aside from his familiar main account, Mago has a multitude of other accounts that have reached the top 30 of Brazilian solo queue this year, of which feature “Jean mage”, “DiegoBrance”, “wonderkind”, and countless others. Since mid-2018, whenever Mago pleases, he creates an account and propels them to the top of the ranked ladder. It’s the type of work that prodigies and legends partake out of boredom. Perhaps that relation explains why there’s a resemblance between the name of his best-known account with a living legend’s main account.

There’s no other place to look for in finding the origin of his username “Hide on bush” than in Korea. Mago’s username is a direct tribute to T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. Without hesitation, Mago views Faker as his idol and has respected him as such.

“Barely Rank 1,” said Mago.

That Fateful Night

Using the “Hide on bush” account for the season’s last two weeks, Mago made a beeline for the top spot in his region, amassing more than 60,000 viewers in each of his initial batch streams of which grew in volume by each passing day. In some days, Mago’s viewership grew to a total of 150,000 concurrent views. Other days, he garnered almost a quarter of a million concurrent views.

Ultimately, in that fateful night, Mago collected 1.8 million total concurrent views, obliterating his recent records. During his stream’s peak, Mago had a live audience of more than 160,000 people. That’s two times greater than the total capacity of the Maracanã Stadium, the largest stadium in Brazil. Mago’s immense viewership greatly surpassed his peers in the Twitch website. For reference, Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp, North America’s flagship League streamer, held 65,000 live viewers, a pittance compared to Mago’s numbers.

As Mago’s profile exploded in Twitch, his name exceeded the platform and was featured in other prominent sites. On Twitter, his name was trending worldwide, standing at fifth overall on its fluctuating but important list.

As Mago’s hunt for the top spot continued, captivated professional players and teams made it a mission to bolster his likeness by any means necessary. And by the end of Mago’s streams, their efforts have certainly succeeded. Newly ordained fans will wait in anticipation to see what Mago does next.

It is unsurprising to see that Mago has a desire to play professionally in the future. In the end of his Twitch questionnaire, he admitted as such by answering yes to the inquiry.  Unfortunately for him, he must wait until his seventeenth birthday to legally affiliate with proper organizations. Until then, Brazil’s favorite son will pass time by continuing the grind in solo queue, further refining his skills with every champion as he professed, and increasing his popularity across his various social media platforms.

“No live stream for today, family, since I WORKED very hard yesterday on LoL. It was worth it…Yesterday was historic so thank you for accompanying me. I’m going to take a rest for a bit,” Mago said in gratitude to his audience for tuning in on his gameplay.

It’s no question for everyone that Jean Mago sitting at number one in the Brazilian ladder is a surefire prelude for a bright career.

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