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MIBR and Fnatic Moves to the Playoffs of Flashpoint 2

Flashpoint is finally back after a few days off, and to start the second week of Flashpoint 2 we saw two quick series as both Fnatic and MIBR both secured themselves a 2-0 win over Dignitas and forZe. This also means that they both secure themselves a spot in the playoffs, while their opponents will have to play in the last-chance qualifier to make it to the playoffs.

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The first match of the day and also for the second week of Flashpoint 2 Fnatic went up against Dignitas in a match which Fnatic seemed to have no problems in taking down Dignitas. With only 15 rounds played of the entire series, Fnatic had already taken 13 of them, setting themselves up for a quick win on their opponents map-pick.

Moving into Inferno picked by Fnatic, they continued to look good, at least on their T-side. This time however Dignitas put up a better fight than they did on Dust2 and picked up five rounds in the first half. Second half of the map Fnatic got themselves a small lead early in the half and even though it didn’t look to good as Dignitas picked up round after round, they did eventually close out their own map pick and finished the series 2-0. This sends them to the playoffs of the tournament and also secures them another match against MAD Lions which they played earlier in this tournament and in IEM Beijing-Haidian

Second match saw Brazilian MIBR take on the Russian forZe in yet another quick 2-0 match in favor of the Brazilians. MIBR once again picked Nuke as their map pick, and once again they showed their abilities on it. They started the game with 10 terrorist rounds on the usual CT-sided map. MIBR didn’t seem to have much problems finishing the map either and won their own map pick 16-9.

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Moving onto forZes map pick bigger things was expected from forZe on Inferno as it is one of the best maps for them. MIBR however was ready for what forZe attacked them with and countered it nicely with an aggressive playing style on the CT-side, once again going up 10-5 after the first half. Although they lost the pistol round in the second half, a force buy gave them the momentum back and finished the map 16-7. MIBR will now have to face BIG in the group B Grand Final, and forZe will have to play in the last-chance qualifier.

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